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Damian Priest Originally Feared Fans Would See His WrestleMania 37 Match As A Bathroom Break Or Just Not Care

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In hindsight, Damian Priest had nothing to worry about, but the RAW star initially had some concerns about the reaction his (and Bad Bunny’s) WrestleMania debut would get from fans.

Priest recently spoke with Rick Ucchino for SportsKeeda about his WrestleMania 37 tag team bout with Bad Bunny, a match that stole the show on night one of WWE’s marquee event. During the interview, Priest admitted he had some fears going into the match, noting he wasn’t too worried about getting booed, but more so that they would get up and leave or just not care at all.

“I thought I was going to get no reaction… I thought I was gonna walk on the stage and not that they were going to boo, I just thought… you know, bathroom break or they just wouldn’t care. Just like, because I figured I hadn’t earned it yet. I just haven’t been here that long, as far as, being on Monday Night RAW. And I think people are still trying to get to know who I am. When I walked on the stage and I heard the roar,” Priest noted, “I was like, ‘Oh, they know who I am!’ (laughs) I was like, ‘They know me, this is so cool.’”

Despite that, Priest said he knew Bad Bunny would surprise people and touted his work ethic to prepare for the match. Priest explained that Bad Bunny had been working with him since mid-January, but revealed the musician didn’t learn the Canadian Destroyer until the day before WrestleMania.

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“I remember I showed him a video,” Priest explained, “because he knew what the move was and I was trying to explain to him how to do it. And I’m actually like, ‘What do you think?’ He was like, ‘I don’t know man. Wrestlemania’s tomorrow. You want me to do that?’ And I was like, ‘It’d be really sweet if you could.’”

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