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Eddie Kingston On Cesaro’s WWE Exit: ‘He Doesn’t Have The Balls To Come To AEW’

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Eddie Kingston and Cesaro sure have a history with one another and The Mad King played into that on social media. Following the news that Cesaro reportedly made his exit from WWE, Eddie took to Twitter to state something simple and direct likely in reference to his old rival’s exit from the land of sports entertainers in Stamford.

“All I am going to say is, he doesn’t have the balls to come to AEW,” he Tweeted.

While Kingston doesn’t directly address Cesaro (or Claudio Castinogli) by name, he all but confirmed who he was alluding to by retweeting a Tweet by FanByte contributor Joseph Montecillo who quote-Tweeted the above Tweet  with the following video that covers his and Claudio’s rivalry from CHIKARA:

Kingston is thick in a feud with Chris Jericho whom he ironically disparaged as being a sports entertainer rather than authentic like the Mad King is and always will be. Kingston and Jericho will be facing one another at Revolution. You can read the full recap of their segment below from our AEW Dynamite Results article:

Out comes Eddie Kingston then comes Jericho. Security is in the ring.  Jericho says they should handle this like men and not street thugs. Eddie says Jericho doesn’t even know what a street thug is. Eddie says that they’re a stone’s throw away from Stamford, but this isn’t sports entertainment.  Jericho says what they’re going to do is better sports entertainment than what is done in Stamford. He recounts Eddie’s journey and Jericho admits he didn’t know who Eddie was, but once he saw him he knew he was good. He finally made it big time…at 38 years old. Jericho however didn’t give a shit about his story and he didn’t give a shit about him. Eddie made it big at 38, Jericho made it at 22. He’s jealous of Jericho. Is he right? Eddie says he’s not a carny. All Jericho is doing is sucking the blood out of him and Eddie’s not here for that. He wants to fight. How about him vs. Jericho at the PPV? Jericho has a question for Eddie: he has acheivaphobia, a fear of success. If Eddie reached the mountain top, he’d fall right off. Jericho did his research: he knows that his uncle was a failure, his father was a failure and Eddie will be a failure too. Jericho accepts the match. If Eddie somehow does manage to beat Jericho, he’ll look Eddie in the eye and tell him he’s earned his respect. Eddie says he wants the Chris Jericho of old (WCW, AEW Champion, the one Levesque hated) cause if he doesn’t, he’ll eat him alive. Jericho says he will give it to him and when he does, Eddie will indeed realize he’s a failure.

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