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Goldberg Shares His Thoughts On Other Wrestlers Using The Spear

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Wrestling legend Goldberg may not have invented the spear, but he did help to make it as incredibly popular and famous as it is. Speaking during an appearance on the latest episode of the Talk is Jericho podcast, Goldberg dove into how he feels about other wrestlers using the move now.

“You know how I feel, It makes me want to…But, you know, hey, they say imitation is the best form of flattery, the Gilberg thing that, you know, Stephanie everybody and their mother uses the spear,” said Goldberg of the move at the time. “Strategically placed, you know, as we were competing against WWE, before I went over there, people started using it. God, when I got there, you know, it was a commonly used move. I don’t know, man all I could say is anybody and everybody can emulate it, but nobody can do it like me.”

Goldberg also dove into how he felt about Gillberg, the the character that wrestler Duane Gill played in WWE as a parody of Goldberg. While Goldberg himself was not a fan of the parody whatsoever for a long time, he’s since come around to it, and understood it was the nature of the business of professional wrestling.

“You know how I felt about him,” Goldberg said of Gill.”I wanted to rip his face off, but that just made me understand what the wrestling business is all about. The way I look back on it now, I’m ecstatic that they were able to give this guy a job. That’s how I’ve broken my life down. It’s the good that can come of actions that have happened in the past. The way I looked at it at the beginning, I was pissed off about it.”

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