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Heath Says Last Name Or Not, ‘I’m Going To Be Me Now’ – Wrestlezone

Heath is happy being himself, and fans will be able to see that with his return to IMPACT Wrestling.

Heath recently spoke with WrestleZone about his IMPACT Wrestling career, which he resumed after returning from injury last month. The former Heath Slater first arrived in the company last year and like many wrestlers before him, fans expected him to adopt a new last name after leaving WWE. In contrast, the. four-time WWE Tag Team Champion used his first name as a mononym, and he joked that he doesn’t see the big deal and says fans shouldn’t get caught up in that part.

“Why’s it such a big deal? I just think people need to get over that sh-t, it’s not up to them. It’s not up to you guys, y’all say enough sh-t out there anyway. You talk about how I’m getting old and can’t work no more or something, but you know what? that’s a lie too, assholes. [laughs]

“Why can’t I just have one name? What about Edge? Edge has one name, Christian had one name. My goodness. I can just be Heath, it’s easy to chant. [starts chanting] ‘Heath, Heath, Heath, Heath!’ and I’ll get behind it, I don’t have to have a last name.”

Heath also joked that maybe people should dare tell Rhino that he should change his name as well, but right now, he’s happy that he’s getting the chance to show who he is instead of playing someone.

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“I’m taking it at the mindset that I am right now. I’m going to be me now, I’m going to be who I am, who I really am and not who I play to be. The good thing is that IMPACT is on board with it and if there’s anything that I can say, I can be me better than anybody else. Yes, I’m funny, yes, I get to crack up and have a good time but that’s just me, that’s who I’ve always been, I was always the class clown. But, back then, even now, if you want to run your mouth or talk junk…let’s try it, let’s see what you got. So, that’s the way that I’m looking at everything now. Like, I’m just gonna go into my situation the same way that I would outside of wrestling.”

Heath also went into detail about the multitude of injuries that kept him out of the ring last year; read how his situation was more serious than it was originally diagnosed at this link.

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