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Hornswoggle: Miss Piggy Was Supposed To Give Me The Ability To Talk

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Hornswoggle almost received a special gift from Miss Piggy.

Throughout his decade with WWE, Hornswoggle spent several years not allowed to speak on television. That all changed in December 2011 thanks to WWE’s resident Santa Foley, however the big moment was supposed to happen a little sooner. One month prior, The Muppets were guests on WWE Raw and had several segments throughout the night. During a recent interview with Metro, Hornswoggle revealed how Miss Piggy was supposed to be involved with him finding his voice.

“[It was] supposed to be the Miss Piggy thing, it was supposed to happen that day,” Hornswoggle said. “The original pitch was when Miss Piggy hit me, I was supposed to then be able to talk. It didn’t happen and I was bummed out but I was like, you know what? I still get to work with The Muppets on Raw, this is incredible.”

Hornswoggle recalled that he may not have been allowed to speak for several years because of what transpired at his first WWE tryout.

“My first tryout, they wanted me to do this Irish accent for these pre-tapes, and I’m horrible at accents of all kinds. I just bombed it and then I go to Finlay after the tryout and I say, ‘Hey, how do you think it was? And he goes, ‘Uh, not that great!’ I go, ‘Okay, okay, alright.’ And two weeks later, they ended up still calling me. It was crazy. Which is probably why I didn’t talk for seven years of my career.”

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