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Jeff Jarrett On Being Your Own Boss & ‘Full Time’ Expectations In Wrestling

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Jeff Jarrett is a proven entrepreneur in and out of the squared circle, but the WWE Hall Of Famer proven that he can still get it done in the ring. Double J was a recent guest on the Leaning Right and Turning Left podcast with Virginia State Senator Bill Stanley and former NASCAR driver Hermie Sadler. Sadler and Stanley also had Hermie’s brother and NASCAR legend Elliot Sadler on the program and the two touched upon their retirement from racing. Jeff revealed to the trio that he was still lacing up the wrestling boots and touched upon how “full time” the wrestling business can be.

“Candidly, that’s probably right up at the very top of one of the reasons why I started TNA is sort of be my own boss. Entrepreneural spirit, set my own schedule when the time comes because when you work for back in those days, Ted Turner in WCW or really Vince [McMahon] at WWF at the time, it was either you’re all the way in or all the way out and [Vince] didn’t mind telling Hulk Hogan that, Ultimate Warrior, Randy Savage, Stone Cold, you name it. I mean The Rock went off to Hollywood, he was the hottest box office attraction in the world. You don’t really do things part time in our business,” he said. Stanley mentioned in comparison to other sports how taxing pro wrestling can be on the body. Jeff told the Sadler brothers and the Senator that it’s all about knowing your body and cited one active legend as his example.

“Every year it’s a little bit different but you just work smarter. I mean Sting is in his 60s and just went off the top rope the other night on AEW so if you take care of yourself, but really it’s working smarter and just being around and really just calculating your risk.”

“There’s a big difference in doing it once or twice a month, three times a month as opposed to 20 times a month.”

Jarrett too can cite a recent experience for himself as Double J took out Effy in singles action back on 1/23 at The World On GCW PPV.

Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone

You can listen to the entire episode of Leaning Right and Turning Left below:

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