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Johnny Gargano Calls Power Rangers’ White Ranger Reveal The Best Moment Of His Childhood

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Former WWE NXT Superstar Johnny Gargano loves himself some Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Johnny Gargano was the most recent guest on Iron-On Wrestling with Gregory Iron to discuss a variety of subjects, including Gargano’s hiatus from wrestling and some other fun exchanges. During their discussion about the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the conversation shifted toward one of the Power Rangers knockoff shows, Big Bad Beetleborgs.

“If you watch the opening. It’s insane,” Johnny Gargano recalled. “Like I don’t remember the show being that at all. But it’s like, the kids found a haunted like — The explanation of the show in the opening is, again, just the random throw in there that they went into a haunted house and freed a ghost, and they made them Beetleborgs.”

When asked about another Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ripoff show, VR Troopers, Gargano admitted he didn’t start getting into it until he got a toy about the show from McDonald’s. But there was a rumor that the Tommy Oliver character from Power Rangers was going to transition over to that show but ended up becoming the White Ranger instead. A moment that Gargano said was the best moment of his childhood.

“I did. I only really started to get into the VR troopers show because Burger King released a VR Trooper toy that came out,” Johnny Gargano said. “I really wanted to get it, and then I got it on like a Saturday morning. Me and my dad got a deluxe breakfast. I mean, wait, it might have been McDonald’s. They got like a little amulet, like a little necklace amulet toy that came out.

“But I only got into VR Troopers because when the rumor came out that when Tommy lost his powers as the Green Ranger, he was going to transition over and have his own kind of VR Troopers show, and then the White Ranger showed up and it was the best moment of my childhood if I had to pick one.”

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What do you make of Johnny Gargano’s comments? Do you remember these FOX Kids shows when you were growing up? Or were these before your time? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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