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Kaun Tested Himself As A Singles Wrestler Against Mysterious Q

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WrestleZone recently spoke with current ROH Six-Man Tag Team Champion Kaun, who picked his work against Mysterious Q and Big Damo as some matches that stood out as a couple that highlight the wrestler he wants to be every time he enters the ring. Kaun said the Mysterious Q match was a big test in proving himself on the independent scene and it’s one of his best.

“One that comes to mind is an independent match I had last summer, myself against Mysterious Q at River City Wrestling,” he said. “It was my first big match on the independents as a singles wrestler. I think we almost went about 20 minutes, and it was a big test for myself to see if I could do this by myself. I moved to Texas because I wanted to grow as professional wrestler. I learned from the vets like, ‘Hey, you got to travel to towns. That’s how you make your mark in this business.’

“That was probably one of the top five matches of all time, probably top two. I’m just proud of that, the work that we got to do,” Kaun said. “I got to wrestle him a couple more times and people got to see how hard-hitting I actually am. The physicality with that toughness, the mental anguish that I can cause to my opponents. I like to dissect people and work different body parts.”

Kaun said his match with Big Damo stood out because of the atmosphere itself, and because of the formidable opponent he had across the ring.

“Myself versus Big Damo at DEFY. I’ve always dreamed about wrestling at DEFY. During the pandemic, I was like, ‘Hey, I was watching a YouTube page, I want to wrestle here in a year or two.’ I got finally out there and wrestled Damo of all people, big dude. That crowd, just that atmosphere,” he explained, “the Seattle crowd is a hot crowd of people. To see people standing on their feet for most of that match and clapping for you after the work that you did, it’s something I’m very proud of.”

Check out a few full-length matches from Kaun’s career, including the respective matches with Big Damo and Mysterious Q:

Kaun vs. Alex Hammerstone
Pro Wrestling Element — January 15, 2023

Kaun vs. Big Damo (fka Killian Dain)
Defy: The World Is Yours — July 16, 2022

Kaun vs. Mysterious Q
RCW: Heat — July 25, 2021


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