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Kenny Omega Beats Jon Moxley In Brutal Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match At AEW Revolution

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In the historic main event of AEW Revolution, Kenny Omega successfully defended the AEW World Championship against Jon Moxley in an Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match.

Right away, both men desperately fought each other, both trying to avoid the wire’s harsh surface and hoping to send their opponent into the barbaric rope. It wasn’t long before Moxley found some weapons and hit Omega with a barbed wire bat. But a few short minutes later, Omega blinded Moxley with some power and threw him into the ropes to cause the match’s first explosion.

Moxley started bleeding profusely, and Omega firmly controlled the match for a few minutes. But the challenger rallied by using a chair covered in barbed wire to grate Omega’s leg. Still, the champion sent Moxley crashing through a board wrapped in barbed wire.

Moxley gained momentum when he sent Omega into the ropes for back-to-back explosions. He then suplexed Omega into a barbed wire board. Moxley, his face a crimson mask, planted Omega onto barbed wire again.

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Both men were down after Moxley hit a lariat with barbed wire wrapped around his arm. But Omega drove Moxley into the ropes to cause another explosion. The blast hurt Omega’s face, and he clutched at his eyes.

A few minutes later, Moxley hit a devastating Paradigm Shift off the apron onto a barbed wire landmine. Omega started to bleed extensively, too, and Moxley opened the wood by hitting the champion with some barbed wire.

Omega took control and hit a One-Winged Angel. Moxley didn’t kick out, but he caused an explosion by putting his leg on the rope to break up the pin. The blast blinded Omega, but the Good Brothers ran to the ring. Moxley fought them off, but Omega capitalized by hitting Moxley with an exploding barbed wire bat for a near fall.

A One-Winged Angel onto a chair, with the Good Brothers watching on, was enough to put Moxley down, so Omega won the match and retained the title.

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Omega and the Good Brothers beat Moxley up after the match. They handcuffed Moxley’s hands behind his back and continued to assault him. Omega attacked Moxley with a barbed wire bat, and the final countdown to the detonation of the explosives began. Omega and the Good Brothers ran away, leaving Moxley to suffer the blast. Eddie Kingston ran to the ring and covered Moxley’s body while the explosives detonated.

The medical team tended to Moxley and Kingston to close the show.

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