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King Corbin Gets Revenge, Defeats Matt Riddle

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King Corbin and Matt Riddle, two bitter rivals, took to the ring during tonight’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown, where Corbin was finally able to get a leg up in their rivalry. In a tightly contested match, it was Corbin who came away with a win, taking down Riddle in dominant fashion.

After weeks of feuding, the two took to the ring again to battle each other. While Riddle looked ready to score another win against his opponent, it was Corbin who gathered enough energy late to come away with the win. Towards the end of the mach, Corbin landed a massive powerbomb on Riddle, and then managed to get his knees up after Riddle tried the Floating Bro a couple of minutes later. Not ready for things to be done, though, Corbin picked up Riddle and hit the End of Days on him for the win.

For more on how the match ended, check out below:

Riddle attacks Corbin before the bell rings. Riddle sends Corbin over the top rope. Riddle sends Corbin into the barricade. Corbin counters an armbar with a bodyslam. Corbin works over Riddle in the corner. Riddle tries to fire up but Corbin floors him with a back elbow. Riddle counters the dipsey-doo clothesline with an overhead kick. Riddle sends Corbin flying over the announce table. After the break, Riddle has Corbin in a triangle. Corbin powerbomb Riddle to break the hold. Riddle fires up and attempts the Floating Bro but Corbin gets his knees up. Corbin hits the End of Days for the win.

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