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Konnan Says Dominik Mysterio Doesn’t Get Nervous In The Ring, Wants To Stay Humble

Konnan says Dominik Mysterio isn’t sweating the small stuff as he presses on in the early stages of his WWE career.

Konnan recently spoke with Instinct Culture by Denise Salcedo where he discussed his thoughts on Dominik’s debut, and said he has handled things very well considering the big stage he debuted on.

“I was talking with Rey Mysterio, his dad, the other day and I was like, ‘Can you imagine if your first match would have been at Summerslam, or mine?’ I don’t think we would have done that well. But the thing with Dominik is, Dominik doesn’t get nervous, he doesn’t really sweat it. Even when he was at my house, he was showing me when they caned him and all that and I was like ‘Bro, you’re ready for your next match?’ and he was like ‘yeah.’ But he wasn’t really nervous like you would expect….I can’t even imagine debuting at Summerslam and he did and he did a good job. Seth Rollins led him to a good match, his dad was outside coaching him, so he kinda had training wheels on but he’s had three matches and he’s looked good in all three…”

Konnan also shared some advice he shared with the WWE rookie, noting that he told him he’s going to be seen as “Rey Mysterio Jr.” but the important thing is to stay humble.

“This was something Rey has been wanting for a long time…he Dominik didn’t decide to wrestle till a couple years ago. He wanted to play football and do other stuff, and I said ‘Okay so now there’s a lot of pressure on you, people are gonna expect more because you’re Rey Mysterio Jr., the main thing is to train and stay humble’…. And he was just training and training and watching tapes. Everytime I talked to him you could see he was more serious and more serious and working out and watching tapes and asking about matches and I was like okay this guy is getting the fever that’s good. But my main thing was to stay humble, and he always tells me, make sure you keep me humble and I am like ‘Oh I will’.”

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