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Lady Frost Details The Parallels Between Gymnastics And Wrestling

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Lady Frost is a wrestling star on the rise and she’s used to grabbing a brass ring (literally) in the sport she previously competed in.

Lady Frost recently spoke with DNC Digital about several topics and delved into her past accomplishments as a gymnast. Frost explained which parallels exist between her gymnastics background with her work in the squared circle.

“Definitely conditioning. Gymnastics conditioning was insane so cardio, weights, functional fitness is really where it’s at. Ring awareness is a big thing. When you’re doing anything it’s where you’re positioned in the ring and it reminded me a lot of the floor in gymnastics because it’s just a square. Tumbling passes or in the lanes, just like wrestling lanes so there’s a lot of parallels I drew for sure and body control is of the utmost importance in both sports.”

How about MMA training? Her husband, The Savage Gentleman Victor Benjamin, trains heavily in the sport, and Lady Frost was asked how much she dabbles in the dark arts of the octagon.

“A little bit, yep. I never had a fight or anything but I do train,” she said before describing the differences between training MMA and training in the octagon.

“Very different. It feels more like a struggle on the ground I think and I’m used to being on the air and being up and postured and when you’re fight training it’s different. It’s less about form and more about movement. I prefer just heavy bag work, I don’t do a whole lot of grappling right now. I’ve been dealing with a myriad of injuries that really make it difficult to kind of grab and move and flex so once I heal I’ll get more into that, but yeah, training’s definitely different and you’re not bumping (right?) in MMA, unless you’re shoot getting suplexed but that doesn’t happen often.”

It’s also worth noting that during the interview, Frost mentioned she hadn’t signed a contract with anyone ‘yet.’ Frost had offers from promotions including the NWA, and Fightful Select reported Frost signed with IMPACT Wrestling on November 11, which is after this interview was recorded.

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