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Matt Cardona: I Will Bring The Most Value To The NWA World Title

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Matt Cardona gives Tyrus credit for promoting the National Wrestling Alliance, but he points out one clear difference between them.

Tyrus won the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship at NWA Hard Times in November. Cardona previously held the title, but he was forced to relinquish it due to an injury at NWA Alwayz Ready. He challenged for the gold at Hard Times, but Tyrus won the three-way bout, which also included the reigning champion, Trevor Murdoch. At NWA Nuff Said, Cardona will get another shot at the title when he faces Tyrus in a singles match.

Speaking on Good Karma Wrestling, Cardona previewed the matchup and noted that while Tyrus bringing attention to the title through his appearances on FOX News is “incredible,” the NWA is all about wrestling. He stated that Tyrus isn’t out there representing the title by wrestling/

“Now we’re both here in the NWA. Listen, he’s on FOX News, he’s got that title over his shoulder, that’s incredible, the fact that he is bringing that attention to the title is incredible but it’s the National Wrestling Alliance, not the National Talk Show Alliance. So he can wear it on TV all he wants, but is he out there making towns, is he out there wrestling anywhere else? I’ll answer that question, it’s no.

Cardona continued by emphasizing that he wrestles every weekend and works every day. He noted that he also does plenty of promotional work, and he shared his belief that he will bring the most value to the world title and defend it around the world.

“It’s not just Tyrus, the majority of people in NWA aren’t wrestling anywhere else,” Cardona said. “What are they doing? I’m wrestling every weekend. The NWA right now, it’s on. Powerrr is on every week, guys, we know its taped in advance. There are so many people who just do these NWA tapings a couple times a year and they call themselves pro wrestlers. They’re not.

“I’m wrestling every goddamn weekend, I’m working every day, whether it be promoting myself doing stuff like this or on the Major Figure Podcast. I know that I will bring the most value to that championship. Tyrus on Fox News, that’s awesome, it’s great but I will actually defend that title, all around the world, every single independent I’m at, I will bring it.”

Tyrus recently shared his thoughts on his upcoming match with Cardona. Check out his comments here.

Thanks to Good Karma Wrestling (@GKW_Wrestling) for sharing these quotes.

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