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Michael Cole: WarGames Put Pat McAfee On The Map In WWE

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Michael Cole believes that Pat McAfee‘s WarGames match is what put him on the map in WWE.

SmackDown commentator Michael Cole was a recent guest on The Pat McAfee Show to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about what WWE had planned for Survivor Series, Cole mentioned that WarGames is coming to the main roster for the first time.

“We’re going to have two WarGames matches for the first time ever on the main roster, which of course, you participated in one of the NXT WarGames matches,” Michael Cole said. “So we’re bringing it to Survivor Series for the first time ever WarGames this year. By the way, that really put you on the map in our business; it was that match. The fact that you were able to compete and do well in it and people realized, ‘Holy cow, this guy can do this.’”

Pat McAfee then reflected upon the WarGames he participated in against The Undisputed Era, revealing that he broke his big toe on the first move he did in the match.

“I broke my toe with my first moonsault, which I did in Tennessee River; shout out to WWE,” Pat McAfee said. “I did a moonsault through Roddy [Strong]. Maybe I forget somebody was on a table, and my toes just went right into the ring, broke my big toe. That’s the first thing I did in a match. Yeah, that’s literally minute one of like 47 after having to load in eight tables; what a rib. Hey Pat, you’ll get all the tables. I mean, move ten tables. I’m a f**king mover, blown up. Broke a toe, doing flatbacks off the top of the cage.”

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What do you make of Cole and McAfee’s comments? Are you excited for WarGames at Survivor Series? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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