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Prior To Being A Role Model, Bayley Lost Her Confidence And Thought She’d Get Left Behind

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Bayley is doing great things in her current run on SmackDown, but she didn’t always have the confidence in herself that she exudes now.

The Role Model recently appeared on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions where she discussed various topics related to her WWE career. In one highlight, Bayley spoke about needing help with character work starting out in FCW, noting she struggled a lot with truly communicating what she felt about the business.

“At FCW, they, my promos, I needed so much help, I just didn’t know, I had no character, I had no personality. I was just the wrestler, you know? So they put me in a separate class than the promo, like we would have promo class with everybody, but they kept about six of us and we did extra sessions and they would keep us another,” Bayley explained, “like go a different day. They were trying to get to the core of me, like who am I? And it would just make me break down. I’m like I don’t know. I just love wrestling. There’s nothing that makes me feel this way. And that’s why every single promo I would just break down crying. Because I didn’t know how to fully express it.”

Bayley continued, talking about losing her confidence and why she felt she was being left behind, noting that she knew she had potential but needed something to change.

“I think [the character and her booking] didn’t feel right and I was losing confidence because I felt that I was slipping right through the company’s fingers where I thought I had so much potential to give. I can do great things but I just felt like I wasn’t being seen in that light so I was just going to get left behind. I was just going to be forgotten about. So I was getting really nervous about that. I didn’t know how to stop.”

Bayley also spoke about getting a major opportunity at WrestleMania 35 and says her tag team title match was just as important as the women’s triple threat match that closed the show.

“Honestly, I see that Mania, and our match was just as important as the main event to me because it was the first time the women’s titles were being defended at WrestleMania and we did that. That was a huge win for us. I was so proud of what we did.”

Check out the full interview at this link.

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