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Rhea Ripley Takes Down Raquel Gonzalez At Halloween Havoc?

Tonight’s Halloween Havoc saw Rhea Ripley take on Raquel Gonzalez in a big match between two heavily feuding superstars. Despite Gonzalez looking as if she would come away with a win, it was Rhea Ripley who managed to prove just how dominant she can be, taking down her rival and earning a major win.

In a match that both superstars clearly wanted to win, Ripley looked as if she would take the loss early on. However, the superstar was able to overcome most of her opponents attacks, even kicking out of a huge spinning slam from Gonzalez. Late in the match, Ripley was able to reverse her way out of a single-arm power bomb and land a brutal head-scissors onto her, which she then followed up with a Riptide for the win.

For more on how the match ended, check out below: 

Basement dropkick by Ripley. Gonzalez kicks out. Ripley sits out on Gonzalez’s back. Ripley puts Gonzalez in the inverted cloverleaf. Gonzalez kicks her way out of the hold. Gonzalez crushes Ripley with a spinning slam for another near fall.  Ripley sets up a top rope Riptide. Gonzalez fights her way out of the hold. Gonzalez suplexes Ripley off the top. Ripley somehow kicks out. Ripley reverses Gonzalez’s single-arm powerbomb into a head-scissors. Ripley lands Riptide for the win.

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