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Ruby Soho Excited To Bring Good Wrestling To Her Beloved Home State

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Ruby Soho is excited for this week’s “homecoming” party when she heads to Indiana with AEW.

Ruby Soho spoke with George Bremer of CNHI Sports Indiana ahead of Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite taping in Indianapolis. Soho talked about getting her start in the Midwest and how pro wrestling was an outlet to get more out of her life and career.

“And then from the moment I entered the wrestling ring in that backyard, the possibilities just opened up for me to be anybody that I wanted to be, and — at that time – that’s what I was searching for,” Soho said. “I wasn’t searching for somebody to tell me this is what I needed to do or to tell me this is who I needed to be, and wrestling kinda opened that door for me to be what I wanted, to represent what I wanted.

“And I fell in love at that moment I stepped foot into the ring. So, from then on, it seemed like I just followed the one thing that made me happy, and that was wrestling.”

Soho credited Indiana indie legend Billy Roc for helping her breakthrough and said she billed herself from Lafayette, about an hour drive from Indianapolis where Dynamite is being taped.

“If it wasn’t for Billy, there would be no Ruby Soho,” she said. “So I billed myself from Lafayette, Indiana, one ’cause I spent quite a bit of time there. But two because that’s where my roots came and also to pay homage to (Roc) for basically starting my journey that is professional wrestling.”

Ruby Soho talked about how Dynamite will serve as a homecoming for her as well. Dynamite took place in the city in November 2019, while Ruby (then Ruby Riott) was still in WWE, so she shared how this week’s event is special for her, whether she’s on the broadcast or not.

“It’s definitely going to be an amazing thing to bring AEW to Indiana, to my home and with all my fellow Hoosiers,” Soho said. “I’m very excited to see – and I know that they’re great wrestling fans – so I’m excited to see their reaction to everything. I’m excited to hopefully be a part of the show (and) even if I’m not, be able to be very happy watching and seeing wrestling being brought – good wrestling being brought – to my beloved home state.”

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