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Sasha Banks Pins Asuka In Champions vs. Challengers Match

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This week on WWE RAW, WWE Champion Drew McIntyre teamed up with WWE RAW Women’s Champion Asuka, and they faced their respective opponents at WWE Extreme Rules: The Horror Show. Asuka will face Sasha Banks and McIntyre will face Dolph Ziggler. McIntyre and Ziggler began the match, and the WWE Champion overpowered Ziggler. Asuka and Banks tagged in, and the WWE RAW Women’s Champion gained the upper hand on her challenger. The champions worked together to take control of the match.

McIntyre easily had the upper hand on Ziggler until he dropped the champion with a DDT. Banks tagged in, but Asuka rocked her with some kicks. Bayley, who had joined the broadcast team, distracted Asuka, which allowed Banks to tip the scales in the match.

Asuka rallied and dropped Banks with double knees to the face. McIntyre and Ziggler tagged in, and the WWE Champion again overpowered Ziggler. A diving clothesline gave McIntyre even more momentum. Banks argued with McIntyre and got in his face, but Asuka dropped her with a kick to the head. Ziggler threw McIntyre head-first into the ring post. Banks almost rolled Asuka up for the win and she countered the Asuka Lock into a pin for the win.

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