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Serpentico Was Ready To Retire After His AEW Debut, Luther Wants To Crash More Birthday Parties

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Chaos Project regularly competes on AEW programming, but casual viewers might be unfamiliar with Luther and Serpentico. The duo recently appeared on AEW Unrestricted and looked back on their respective careers in professional wrestling.

In one highlight, Serpentico explained why his first AEW match was supposed to be his last in-ring contest. He was ready to retire and explore other avenues due to the financial challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“[My AEW debut] was right before, actually right after, that match was right after all the booking ceased,” said Serpentico. “Everything stopped. The indies shut down. Because I’m local, I had at least 10-15 bookings on [WrestleMania] week alone, and one by one, they just kept calling and saying, ‘Sorry, sorry, sorry.’ Well I’m like, well, there’s my rent. Because at that time, I was actually living off of independent wrestling, and I’m really proud of that. But at the same time, because I was living off independent wrestling, once it shut down, which no one ever thought would happen, now I don’t know how to pay rent.

“What am I gonna do? I have some savings, but eventually it’s gonna go away. And I’ve known QT [Marshall] for such a long time, we trained together at Bubba and D-Von’s school in Florida. So he reached out to me and said, ‘Hey I know you’re hurting for bookings and stuff, and this might not lead to anything, I can’t promise anything, but show up, you wanna wrestle me, that’d be cool.’

“And I personally thought, alright this would be a nice way to go out, right? Wrestle one of my friends, wrestle Dustin [Rhodes] and then that’s it. Set off into the sunset because I wasn’t expecting anything to come from it.”

Serpentico then described how, despite this mindset before the match, Marshall and AEW kept bringing him back, so he has been able to continue his wrestling career.

“They kept calling me back and I told QT this like months after, that was, my intention was [for] that to be my last match,” said Serpentico. “I wanna go out, because I didn’t think, I’m a very forward-thinker, and I didn’t think I could kickstart my career after a world pandemic, to where I was….Eventually [the business] will get going again. But as it were, you’re not gonna make a living off of it, so that was my last match. And he kept calling me back, calling me back, and here I am now.”

Later in the podcast, Luther recalled how much fun he had crashing Brodie Lee Jr.’s birthday party earlier this year on AEW Dynamite. But he didn’t fondly look back on the painful impact of the table when he got a face full of cake.

“[Crashing the party is] 100% the one thing thing I’d do again without thinking,” said Luther. “The ire that we got online for crashing his birthday party, I want that every day. That’s like a drug.

“[But] that table did not budge. It was like I landed on cement. I came down so hard and it didn’t even [move] a little bit. Not even a tiny [bit.] I just hit and I was like oh…”

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