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Shawn Michaels: As Far As I Know, Everything Is On Course With NXT Europe

Shawn Michaels says that, as far as he knows, no plans have changed regarding NXT Europe.

In August 2022, WWE announced that NXT UK would be going on hiatus, and the company would be launching NXT Europe in 2023. Subsequent updates have been few and far between, though Triple H has said the company will be provide more information in the summer of 2023.

Speaking at a press conference ahead of NXT Stand & Deliver,  senior vice president of talent development creative Michaels was asked about NXT Europe, and he stated that, as far as he knows, no plans have changed, and it’s his understanding that everything is on course.

“As far as I know, no plans have changed. Right now, it’s my understanding that everything is on course. I will say this, I’ll be honest with you, I never know what the hell I’m supposed to say about that stuff and not supposed to say. I do know that it’s still on course. I know that we’re putting, from our standpoint, from a creative standpoint, getting people onboard that we think will help be able to write and produce that show, things of that nature.

“We have in our minds and we put down on paper, certainly from our standpoint, talent that we feel like one, can benefit from it, and also some of our new and younger talent that we have at NXT where we say they might not be live TV ready, but these would be great prospects to do from an NXT Europe standpoint. I have also, on our own, I’ve done a little research and had some people look into some talent that live over in the UK and Europe and whatnot, and trying to sort of look at who we feel like might be the best to at least reach out to when the time comes that we get asked to do that.”

WrestleZone will provide more information about NXT Europe as it becomes available.

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