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Trey Miguel Got A ‘Good Stretch’ Out Of Spider-Man Gimmick

Trey Miguel got a lot more out of being “Spider-Trey” than he originally imagined.

During a recent interview with WrestleZone, Trey Miguel was asked about his connection with Miles Morales / Spider-Man and what made it translate well in his wrestling persona. Miguel incorporated Morales’ spray paint tag into his intro video and he shared how he brought the concept to life in the ring.

“As a kid, I was pretty much only into pro wrestling. And I had very few interests outside of it, as far as what I would do to entertain myself, whether it be like video games or things that I watched on TV. So if I wasn’t watching wrestling, which was only on TV twice a week, I wasn’t gonna run tapes all day, that’s just insane. So, some of my other biggest interests were Dragon Ball Z, and Spider-Man, and things like that. And, I got to a point in wrestling where I felt like I was having a bit of an identity crisis, and for no particular reason at all, I had decided that I had just wanted to do a Miles Morales-themed or inspired gear for Slammiversary in 2021. And I went all out on it from the tights to the jacket gloves, all of that.

And then for the entrance, or when I made my way down to the ring, it had gotten a pretty cool reaction. I had posted pictures online and people seemed to really be fans of it at the time. And during the Ultimate X match, people started chanting ‘Spider Trey.’ And that was something that I didn’t really expect or anything like that. So when I got to the back, one of the first people that was sitting there in gorilla position was D’Lo Brown. And D’Lo pulls me and he goes, “Hey, kid, looks like you gotta be Spider Trey now.” And, I love D’Lo. He was one of my favorite people to work with. And so, I take his opinion all the time and hold it in the highest regard that I can. So, I didn’t think twice about it, and I embraced the Spider Trey thing, and then before I knew it, I wanted to do more colors and this, that and the other.”

Trey explained that he felt like there might be a limit to what he could do with ring gear, so he then found a way to incorporate it into his entrance. Trey noted the similarities in Taya Valkyrie’s old IMPACT entrance and said he wanted to take it one step further.

“I wasn’t trying to do more than just the in-ring gear with it. So then I got an idea of emulating the spray paint after going through and watching just a few random Spider-Man videos or movies, [like the] Into The Spider-Verse animated movie, and when I saw him spray paint, I [thought] that could be something really cool to do. And then I remembered that Taya Valkyrie used to have this spray-painted graphic wall where there was a video of a guy spray painting a wall, and then her name just kinda came up across it. And it didn’t really look like he was, but I’d gotten the idea like, what if I physically look like I’m tagging this wall that is supposed to play videos?

“And I shot the idea to production and they created it for me. And it all just kind of, I got these ideas like one at a time, but I got to a point now where it’s just like, you know, where do we go from it? Spider-Man’s not really the most relevant thing in the world right now. For the time it worked out, because they were building to this really big film that had a bunch of buzz around it. So I got a good stretch out of that for something that probably should have lasted two weeks.”

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