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WWE 2K22 Developers Discuss The Game Being Accessible To Players Of All Skill Levels

Brian Mazique had an opportunity to sit down with WWE 2K22 creative director Lynell Jinks and Art Producer Christina Diem Pham to discuss the newest features and gameplay options in WWE 2K22. Among the things they discussed include how the game is accessible to players of all skill levels. They also talked about some of the new game modes including MyGM and MyRISE, which you can read about here.

Art Producer Christina Pham was eager to talk about the accessibility of WWE 2K22. She said, “The game is so much fun and accessible. The goal of WWE 2K22 is to one, make it so that newer players such as myself and those who are interested in playing wrestling games can pick it up and play it. We absolutely hit that goal for sure. However, for much more seasoned players, you can dive deeper into the strategy of it as well. So someone who picks it up for the first time can button mash if they want to, and then someone who has been around for awhile longer can definitely learn the specific move sets of superstars.”

Creative Director Lynell Jinks added to this, saying “We are standing on the shoulders of giants. We are looking at what people have done in all fighting games. The games have evolved so much over the last 25 years. To me its all about ‘Do I understand the controls enough to get the result I’m looking for, but also have that depth and competitiveness.’ I think we hit that. I know it’s our tagline, but it hits different, it straight up hits different. This is completely different. The pace is different, the controls are different. The fact that you have to learn what combos do and they are different for every superstar. That is the kind of depth we have introduced into this game. It’s the foundation we are going to build on for years to come.”

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The pair was asked if they are concerned about the potential for a recognizable skill gap between players that might play against each other online, or an a hypothetical e-sports league. Jinks said, “The one word I would use is competitive. Christina touched on that where its easy to pick up and play while still having a great time and being competitive with a seasoned player. Button mashers exist and they will take advantage of that. But if you are deep and understand the game, now we have a block mechanic, and dodge, and combo breakers. No more reversal stock. The matches can be so competitive. In previous years, you knew when you got someone down to where they used their last finisher and you had a finisher left or a signature, you are like ‘oh I got this, it’s game over. Good luck kicking out.’ Where now, button pressing for mashers for pins is in there. To me it feels way more competitive and the matches for me feels like watching a WWE match.”

You can watch the entire interview below. If you use any of the quotes above, please credit Operation Sports with a h/t to John Clark at Wrestlezone for transcribing.

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