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WWE SmackDown Results (8/5/22): Reigns Addresses McIntyre, More!

WWE SmackDown Results
August 5, 2022
Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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The Bloodline arrives in the parking lot. The Usos are pumped. Reigns tells them let’s go.

Backstage, Happy Corbin is watching footage of Pat McAfee kicking him in the nuts at SummerSlam. A group of superstars is laughing at Cobin. Corbin singles out Ricochet and gets in his face. Corbin talks about wiping the grin off Ricochet’s face. Ricochet challenges Corbin to a match. Corbin agrees.

Ricochet vs. Happy Corbin

Ricochet and Corbin play a cat-in-mouse game in the ring. Corbin almost hits the End of Days but Ricochet flips out of it. Ricochet sends Corbin out of the ring and lands a dive. Corbin responds with his patented dipsy-do clothesline. Corbin works over Ricochet. Ricochet manages to land a series of superkicks on the apron. Corbin is reeling. Ricochet tries a moonsault off the apron but Corbin moves. Corbin launches Ricochet into the ring post, face first.

Corbin laughs as we cut to break. After the break, Ricochet runs into a sky-high back body drop by Corbin. McAfee continues to bury Corbin on commentary. Corbin keeps jawing with the fans. Ricochet surprises Corbin with a handspring back elbow. Springboard clothesline by Ricochet. Before Corbin can react, Ricochet hits a picture-perfect standing shooting star press. Corbin kicks out. Ricochet tries another springboard but Corbin catches him in the air and lands a neck breaker.

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Ricochet counters Corbin’s chokeslam into a ranna. Corbin surprises Ricochet with a deep six. Ricochet kicks out. Corbin and Ricochet fight on the top rope. Corbin tosses Ricochet off the top. Ricochet lands on the top rope. McAfee and Corbin jaw at each other. Ricochet crotches Corbin on the top rope. Recoil by Ricochet. Ricochet hits a shooting star press for the win.

Winner- Ricochet



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