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Are you worried that your emails don’t reach your target audience? Here are 6 tips on making sure your promo email gets opened!

Nobody likes spam emails. Today, people don’t even bother to go through their spam folders and filter out those items that might actually be useful. This is why companies have to try extra hard to compose their promotional campaigns in such a way that they don’t get lost in a folder somewhere without ever being opened and reaching their target audience.

Of course, there are many other ways of engaging your customers online. At the same time, emails continue to be among the most effective promotional and informative tools for many businesses. You can’t just delegate everything to social media and customer service. There are some campaigns that can be fulfilled only through email, whether you like it or not.
Your promo letters should immediately capture the attention of the recipient. At the same time, it should be crafted well enough so it won’t land in the spam folder. For example, when students see a promo from an essay writing services online, they immediately know that there is a good deal waiting for them in the letter! As you can see, this is not a simple task for any business.

Luckily for you, there are some tricks that can boost your open and click-through rates. So, here are 6 tips to make your promo emails get opened!

Read up on open and click-through rates in your area

First of all, different countries have their own rates when it comes to email marketing. In addition, every industry also has varying markers for what is considered to be an effective marketing strategy. Therefore, first of all, you need to conduct your own research to make sure that you understand the metrics correctly.
Recent research shows that the education, automotive, and non-profit sectors have the highest interest in promotional letters as compared to the retail or hospitality sectors. For example, when students searching for “Who can do my statistics homework for me?”, receive something from an essay writing service, they tend to open it to see what promotion or coupons they have received. With this data available, you can adjust your strategy!

Constantly update your mailing list

There are many clients who don’t really use your goods and services anymore, so they are not really interested in what you may send them. Many students who already have graduated don’t open essayhub review promos, even though they still might find something interesting there! This is one of the possible reasons why your recipients don’t read your emails anymore.

Here are some suggestions for making sure that your recipient list is relevant and effective:

  • send out re-engagement campaigns for those customers who disengaged for some reason;
  • start a new list together with the marketing department;
  • use automation for the most important messages;
  • segment your list into different groups and tailor your letters to them;
  • create a double opt-in process for new customers.

Work on the timing of your emails

In case you constantly miss the timing, your followers won’t have the time to read your letters and engage with them. For example, office workers have specific lunch breaks when they can open their browsers and check their inbox. Students are often at school for the first half of the day, so they won’t order essay then. So, you need to study your target audience and their patterns!

Use subject lines and pre-headers wisely

People are not interested in any spam that contains some general information about a new promotional event. Instead, they want a personalized approach to their advertising. So, start with your subject line. Maybe you know the name of the recipient and can add it to the subject line? Research shows that users are less likely to ignore a letter that is designated specifically for them.

Create an open loop

People are motivated to engage with your marketing campaign more when you give them something to look forward to. Think of an open loop as a cliffhanger for your email. For example, when receiving a promo for best assignment services, students might open another letter if it contains a discount code for the future. You can also add more advice on the subject.

Send only relevant letters and promotional information

This is the foundation of every effective content strategy in the world of marketing. People will read your campaigns only if you give them interesting information. A homework service might want to provide some insight into essay writer achievements. This way, your customers won’t just delete your emails but wait for every new digest!


So there you have it, 6 tips to make your promo emails get opened! Engaging your target audience is a difficult task, so you would need to get extra creative. Just remember that emails shouldn’t be your only promotional channel. Together with other marketing campaigns, you can achieve great outcomes in terms of customer engagement!

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