Classy: A Peek Inside KlasJet’s Newest Boeing BBJ 737 Private Jet

Charter operator KlasJet has unveiled its newest 737 private jet, which will be pushed into service this upcoming April.

Charter air service provider KlasJet has announced that it will add an all-new Boeing 737 BBJ2 to its fleet. The aircraft will begin service with the company in April 2023. The jet will be fitted with the finest interior features and is designed to cater to small groups of high-paying clients. The additional plane will join KlasJet’s fleet when demand for business jet travel is at an all-time high.

Additional 737

The additional 737 BBJ2 will be based in Dubai. The company’s General Sales Agent responsible for the aircraft will be Chapman Freeborn of the Dubai Office. The company expects the aircraft to be a popular choice among high-ranking political officials from varying countries and other high-profile individuals who require a large luxurious private jet. The CEO of KlasJet, Rita Domkute, said the following concerning the new plane,


“While our other 56-68 seats VIP Boeing 737 uniquely designed jets are great for larger groups, such as sports teams, business and political delegations, the B737 BBJ2 will serve as an amazing choice for affluent families, government representatives, presidents, royal families, important business delegations. Currently, the aircraft is at Avia Solutions Group completion centre JetMS Completion, where the interior of the jet will be fully renewed,”

Expanding presence

The new jet will be the eighth Boeing 737 BBJ2 jet operated by the air carrier. The company plans to base the aircraft in the Middle East to further expand its presence in the region. It has seen notable growth in demand throughout the world. However, it has seen the largest demand growth in the Middle East. It believes that regional dignitaries and high-profile figures in the private business sector will find the aircraft ideally suited to their needs. Domkute went on to share,

“We plan that the newly added B737 BBJ2 will allow us to strengthen our positions in the rapidly growing Middle East market as the jet is a perfect option for high-ranking individuals who are living in or visiting the region on regular basis,”

KlasJet Boeing 737 BBJ2 interior

Photo: KlasJet

The industry is seeing higher demand levels than ever. In 2021 over 3.3 million passengers were flown on private jets around the world. This translates to a 7% increase over 2019, which previously held the record. In 2021 the private jet industry was calculated to be worth $25.87 billion. This value is predicted to climb to over $38 billion by 2029.

KlasJet Boeing 737 BBJ2 interior

Photo: KlasJet

Elite travel

The new 737 BBJ2 will offer passengers many of the finest flight options. The airplane will offer 23 passenger seats. The company intentionally designed the limited seating layout to make room for a luxurious cabin layout. The aircraft is currently undergoing interior renovations.

KlasJet Boeing 737 BBJ2 interior

Photo: KlasJet

Some of the most notable cabin amenities will include multiple meeting areas, lounges, dining areas, and some of the finest aircraft seats on the market. It will also feature a bedroom and an onboard shower. Domkute stated the following concerning the aircraft’s interior,

“The jet is designed to meet even the most sophisticated needs of our clients. It is planned with convenience and comfort of passengers in mind, the design is created using high-quality materials,”

KlasJet Boeing 737 BBJ2 interior

Photo: KlasJet

What do you think of this new 737 BBJ2 jet? Let us know in the comments below.

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