How Much Does A Boeing 747 Cost In 2022?

The Queen of the Skies has been in decline over the past couple of years, with the passenger variety taking a particular hit from the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this, Lufthansa joins a handful of operators in persevering with passenger 747 operations while freighter operations remain strong.

How much is a Boeing 747 worth in 2022? Photo: Getty Images

This had the team at Simple Flying pondering how much the Jumbo Jet is worth in 2022. Thanks to current estimated market values provided by Collateral Verifications LLC through and data from other sources, we have an answer.

Hundreds of millions brand new?

According to Boeing’s current list prices, a brand new 747-8 would be worth $418.4 million, while its freighter sister is listed slightly higher at $419.2 million. Of course, airlines never pay the list price for an aircraft, with some attractive discounts applied depending on a customer’s status with the manufacturer and the size of its order. The actual amounts paid by airlines are a closely guarded commercial secret.

According to data from, the youngest Boeing 747 is a -8F delivered to UPS in December 2021. While the aircraft is expected to remain in service until the 2040s, it is now just 0.2 years old. The plane, with registration N631UP, has been given a current market value of $187.65 million, just 45% of its list price.

Boeing 747, Value, 2022, 747-8, 747-400, UPS
UPS has the world’s youngest delivered Boeing 747 (not pictured). Photo: Getty Images

What about a passenger Boeing 747-8?

Korean Air owns the youngest passenger Boeing 747, a -8 built around four and a half years ago. HL7642 has completed 11,829 flight hours (1.35 years) across 1,344 flights and has been assigned a current market value of $57.94 million.

Lufthansa was the launch customer of the Boeing 747-8 and thus has the oldest jet in passenger service, though an older jet used for testing is due to go to the Egyptian Government. D-ABYA is 9.96 years old and, in the past decade, has racked up 38,036 flight hours (4.34 years) across 4,341 flight cycles. Accordingly, the aircraft’s value is less by around $10m, sitting at $47.19 million.

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How about the passenger Boeing 747-400?

The Boeing 747-400 was the biggest casualty of the COVID-19 pandemic, with many airlines retiring the type early. According to data from ch-aviation, just 25 Boeing 747-400s remain active, spread across a dozen carriers. More aircraft are currently in storage.

Lufthansa, Boeing 747-400, Jumbo Jet
The 747-400 now makes up a fifth of Lufthansa’s jumbo jet operations. Photo: Getty Images

The highest value, Boeing 747-400, belongs to Lufthansa. D-ABTL is listed as being worth $5.47 million. This is just 11.6% of the lowest value Lufthansa -8, and just 1.3% of the list price of a new passenger 747. The aircraft has completed some 89,742 flight hours (10.24 years) across 10,873 flight hours.

While hundreds of aircraft don’t have assigned market values, one jet has to have the lowest market value of the lot. According to’s data, the least valuable Boeing 747 is a -400 that is still active. The aircraft is a 32.53 year old 747 operated by Iran’s Mahan Air. The plane was delivered to United Airlines in 1989 and clocked 54,960 flight hours (6.27 years) across 6,392 cycles by the time it left the US carrier’s fleet in 2006. Today its value is listed as $3.44 million.

How much is a Boeing 747 worth to you? Let us know what you think and why in the comments.

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