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For eight years MAMA JAZ is turning the tropical Indian Ocean Island Mauritius into a global center of jazz and music.

Mauritius has a rich musical culture that includes a variety of genres such as sega, Bhojpuri, and reggae, among others. Jazz music is also appreciated and enjoyed by many people in Mauritius.

For the 8th year, Mauritius is celebrating MAMA JAZ.

MAMA JAZ is a unique month-long festival dedicated to Creative Music & Jazz on Earth, nested in Mauritius, harmonized with April, Indoor or outdoor, live, online, or on air.

Launched in 2016 by Gavin Poonoosamy, MAMA JAZ has become an inclusive cultural gift that keeps growing and giving.

The 8th edition of MAMA JAZ has an enriched program with four chapters – a classic, a new, a popular, and a planetary – being played out throughout this April and closing on the highest of notes with an alignment to a choir of 190 countries.

There will be Magic Minutes every day on Facebook and YouTube #Minit Mazik and a PLANETARY MAMA FET International Jazz Day on 30th April – #jazzday #IJD12 #mamajaz2023

Founder Gavin Poonoosamy explains:

The motion towards the infinite has us feel that each step engages focus, continuity, and reinvention; our spirit is ignited by peace, our body is a solar wind-powered vessel, and our voice is pure universal silence.

MAMA JAZ, a phenomenon, keeps growing with an unwavering will to shine as a cultural organ pumping Art through musical substance to reach all in time.

We now call out to the nature within each: we are an ensemble, we are an audience, we are alive and gather through experiences where we share energies, heal, and grow; we come out of
your shells, come out to play.

This 8th edition is part of a grounding cycle the festival keeps, for each year is beautifully odd, and human tides are ever relative; while the careful balance is arduously sought.

Hence, as we go back to production basics with an enriched program, we shall produce four chapters for harmony: a classic, a new, a popular, and a planetary.

A Theatre Hall for introspection, an Open Air Park for exaltation, Immaterial Magic Messages for joy, and an alignment to a
choir of 190 countries to finish on the highest of notes:

MAMA JAZ will embrace April once again with great passion

Overall, jazz music has a growing presence in Mauritius and is appreciated by locals and visitors.

There are several jazz musicians and bands that perform in Mauritius.

In addition to local talent, international jazz artists also perform in Mauritius, particularly during the annual Festival International Kreol, which features a range of musical styles, including jazz.

The festival takes place in December and attracts a diverse audience.

MAMA JAZ… In just a few short years, this hip young festival has grown from an idea into a movement that impacts hundreds of
thousands of Mauritians through national television broadcasts, packed concerts, and free educational initiatives.“

MAMA JAZ is a unique month-long festival dedicated to Creative Music & Jazz on Earth, nested in Mauritius, harmonized with April;
Indoor or outdoor, online or offline, on National TV, radio, and the Internet.


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