US Cargo Carrier Atlas Air Receives Boeing 777 Freighter

At the same time that Atlas Air is preparing to receive the last 747 ever built, it is also obtaining the first of four Boeing 777-200LR/777F freighters to operate on behalf of MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company. According to a September 26, 2022 statement, the Boeing 777 freighters will complement MSC’s container capabilities.

Atlas Air’s partnership with MSC

Photo: Atlas Air

Atlas Air’s partnership with MSC is to bring MSC into the air cargo business. As Jannie Davel, Senior Vice President Air Cargo at MSC, explained in a November 28, 2022 statement;


“We are delighted to see the first of our MSC-branded aircraft take to the skies and we are looking forward to start serving the market with our new Air Cargo solution. We believe that MSC Air Cargo is developing from a solid foundation thanks to the reliable ongoing support of our operating partner Atlas.”

Considering that Atlas Air has a strong reputation as an air cargo operator capable of much more and recently with a 747 conducted a Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) flight, it appears the excitement is well placed by the world’s largest container shipping company.

For John Dietrich, President and Chief Executive Officer Atlas Air Worldwide having MSC as a customer translates into “Supporting MSC as it develops its airfreight business and further enhances its position as a global leader in transportation and logistics”. This is done by using the 777Fs and “The unparalleled air cargo expertise brought by our Atlas team.”

Dietrich went on to say,

“We are pleased that all four of our newly acquired 777-200Fs are placed on a long-term basis with MSC, providing them with dedicated capacity to support their growth and expansion.”

Boeing 777F statistics

The Boeing 777F – which is based on the 777-200LR with fuel tanks from the 777-300ER – is the first freighter variant of the 777 Family. The second is the 777-8 freighter currently in development.

777f cargo capacity

Graphic: Boeing

A Boeing 777F can haul 112 standard tons (101,604.691 kilograms) and 4,880 nautical miles (9,038 kilometers). The capacity is, according to Boeing AERO, for 27 pallets (96 by 125 inches by 120 inches; 2.5 by 3.1 by 3 meters) on the main deck as per the above graphic. The lower cargo hold can handle another 10 pallets plus 600 cubic feet (17.0 cubic meters) of additional bulk cargo.

Although airliner pallets are not standard shipping containers, the shipping concept of using containers is the same. This way, cargo can be quickly loaded and unloaded – as well as enhancing tracking.

Boeing 777F vs. Boeing 747-8F

With the Boeing 747-8F and Boeing 777F both being acquired by Atlas Air, a comparison seems appropriate.





4,390 nmi (8,130 km)

4,880 nmi (9,038 km)


308,000 lb (140,000 kg)

224,000 lb (101,605 kg)




Basically, Atlas Air is acquiring the last 747-8F freighters for substantial payload but also 777Fs for 580 nautical miles of additional range on two engines instead of four.

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Source: 2nd Quarter 2009 Boeing Aero

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