What Are The Most Expensive Airports In The US When It Comes To Christmas Car Parking?

Airport parking can often be a significant added cost on top of an already expensive Christmas getaway. However, in instances where public transport isn’t an option for departing travelers, there isn’t much choice. With the busy festive period fast approaching, here’s a look at the most expensive airports for parking in the US.

Top of the tree

Looking at data provided by car rental company SIXT, which analyzed daily charges made available by, we can see that Florida’s Miami International Airport (MIA) comes out on top in terms of expensive parking rates.


Indeed, for the period running from December 24th – 31st, we can see that the average daily parking price at this facility comes to $35.85. For passengers wanting to enjoy a week-long Christmas getaway, this would result in a $250+ spend.

Of course, outgoing traffic from Miami may be lower than other US airports at this time of year. After all, its warmer December temperatures may be a tempting prospect for those wanting to stay and enjoy a Christmas in the sun. Nonetheless, snow-seeking Floridians will certainly have to cough up large amounts in parking fees in order to be able to fly away to cooler climes this holiday season.

Photo: Miami International Airport

Completing the podium

It is worth noting that, in terms of methodology, SIXT only analyzed parking fees at the 18 most popular US airports available on its website. Nonetheless, with this list generally comprising the country’s largest and most important hubs, the data provided still provides a suitably complete picture to compare the different airports.

According to the data collected in the study, Miami was the only airport whose average daily parking rates exceed the $30 mark between December 24th and 31st. Indeed, second-placed Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) in Massachusetts is more than $8 per day cheaper, at $27.12. Even so, a week-long getaway would still command close to $190 in parking fees at this rate.

Just under $5 cheaper per day, and rounding out the podium, is southern California’s San Diego International Airport (SAN), with an average daily rate of $22.17. For a week-long trip away between December 24th and 31st, departing passengers would have to pay more than $155 for parking based on this figure.

Boston Logan International Airport

The rest of the top five

Two more airports analyzed by SIXT and had average daily rates of more than $20 when it came to parking between December 24th and 31st this year. The more expensive of these was fourth-placed New York JFK, whose mean daily figure came to $21.38. This works out at just under $150 for a week.

Back in California, the fifth place is occupied by Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Here, the survey found the average cost for a day of parking to be $20.96, which equates to almost $147 on a weekly basis. In any case, for passengers traveling in the festive period, seeing friends and family will surely make such costs worthwhile.

How do you rate these airports’ average daily parking charges over the holiday season? What’s the most you’ve ever paid for airport parking? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments.

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