What To Expect From The Boeing 777X Freighter

The brawl between Airbus and Qatar Airways is paying big dividends for Boeing, with the US aircraft manufacturer announcing the launch of its 777-8 Freighter on Monday on the back of a big order from Qatar Airways. The Doha-based airline has signed for 34 freighters plus 16 purchase rights options.

Qatar Airways will the launch customer for Boeing’s 777-8 freighter. Photo: Qatar Airways

The order is worth more than $20 billion at current list prices (although the chances of Qatar paying list prices is negligible). The order is the largest freighter commitment in Boeing history by value.

“We are delighted to launch Boeing’s next great cargo airplane – the 777-8 Freighter – with Qatar Airways, one of the world’s largest cargo carriers and our partner since the airline began operations 25 years ago,” said Boeing President and CEO Stan Deal.

Boeing’s 777-8 will be the world’s largest twin-engine cargo jet

It’s not quite a straight-out win for Boeing. Qatar Airways will convert 20 of its 60 777X family orders to the 777-8 Freighter. The net gain to Boeing’s order book is lower than the headline order number suggests.

But the order is a much-needed boost for Boeing, which has lost overall market share to competitor Airbus in recent years. However, Boeing’s freighters have always been a market favorite –  Boeing provides over 90% of the world’s dedicated freighter capacity. Boeing’s edge there, along with the ongoing Qatar Airways / Airbus brawl, helped it get over the line this week.

Also assisting the Boeing sales campaign are the attributes of the plane. Boeing says the 777-8 freighter will be the world’s largest twin-engine cargo jet. It will also have the biggest payload capacity and a 25% improvement in fuel efficiency, emissions, and operating costs.

“With a payload capacity nearly identical to the 747-400 Freighter and a 25% improvement in fuel efficiency, emissions and operating costs, the 777-8 Freighter will enable a more sustainable and profitable business for operators,” a statement from Boeing reads.

A rendering of Boeing’s 777-8 freighter. Photo: Boeing

Qatar’s 777-8 freighters powered by GE9X engines

Boeing says they are designing the 777-8 Freighter to maximize efficiency and environmental performance. The plane will feature engineering design improvements and innovative technologies. This includes a new carbon-fiber composite wing and new fuel-efficient engines.

Those engines are GE9X engines from General Electric. The GE9X offers up to 10% lower specific fuel consumption compared to the previous generation comparable engines. The GE9X offers the lowest NOx emissions in its class. Further, GE says it is the quietest GE engine ever produced. The GE9X is also compatible with any approved sustainable aviation fuel.

Qatar’s separate deal with General Electric is worth more than U.S.$6.8 billion at list price. The contract includes spare engines, the order for GE90-115B engines, and a services agreement to cover the engines’ maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO).

General Electric’s GE9X engine. Photo: General Electric

With a range of 4,410 nautical miles (8,167 km), the 777-8 Freighter has a maximum structural payload of 118 tonnes. This allows the freighters to make fewer stops and reduce landing fees on long-haul routes.

Qatar Airways boasts it is the world’s leading international air cargo carrier. The airline serves a global network of more than 60 freighter destinations and 140 passenger destinations utilizing freighters, belly-hold passenger flights, passenger freighters, and mini freighters.

Qatar’s existing freighter fleet includes two Boeing 747-8 freighters, two Boeing 747-4 freighters, 26 Boeing 777 freighters, one Airbus 310 freighter, and two Boeing 777-300ER mini freighters. The first 777-8 freighter is expected to land in Doha in 2027.

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