Which Variants Make Up The Embraer Legacy Private Jet Series?



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Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer is arguably best known for its various families of regional passenger jets. These can be found operating feeder and short-haul services worldwide, and they are ideal for lower-demand routes that are on the shorter side. However, the company also produced private jets, such as those in its Legacy family. Let’s take a look at which variants make up this series.

The Legacy 600 series

The first Embraer business jet model to use the Legacy name was the Legacy 600 variant, an aircraft type that first flew in March 2001. Rather than being a clean-sheet design, Embraer developed this aircraft, which entered service 11 months later in February 2002, from its existing ERJ family of rear-engined regional jets.


The design was initially known as the Legacy 2000, as this was the year that the series was launched (at the Farnborough Airshow). Indeed, it wasn’t until 2005 that it took on the Legacy 600 moniker. A few years later, Embraer also launched a long-range version, which it dubbed the Legacy 650. But what are the similarities and differences between these two variants of the Legacy family?

As it happens, the pair are identical in terms of their dimensions, clocking in at 26.3 meters long (the same as the commercial ERJ-135) and 21.1 meters wide. This means that they can both accommodate a two-person crew, as well as 13/14 passengers. However, the 650’s higher maximum weight (24,300 vs 22,500 kg) contributes to a longer range (3,900 NM / 7,200 km vs 3,400 NM / 6,300 km).

The Legacy 500 first flew in November 2012. Photo: Getty Images

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The next generation

As the 2000s went on, Embraer decided that it wanted to produce a private jet that was categorized between its Phenom and Legacy 600 series. This ultimately resulted in the launch of a new Legacy sub-family in 2008, with the models being known as the 450 and the 500. These aircraft have an impressive 95% commonality rate.

As the respective sizes of the models’ numbers suggest, the Legacy 500, which entered service in October 2014, is the larger of the two sub-variants. Measuring 20.74 meters in length, it has a 19.25-meter-wide wingspan, and can carry 8-12 passengers. Like all Legacy models, it needs a two-person crew.

Meanwhile, the smaller Legacy 450 model, which first flew in December 2013, is just 19.69 meters long, with this difference meaning that it can only carry seven to nine passengers. However, it does have the same wingspan as the Legacy 500.

Deliveries of the Legacy 450 began in 2015, when three examples made their way to their customers. Photo: Getty Images

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New and improved

Embraer has also developed improved variants of both the Legacy 450 and 500 models, known respectively as the Praetor 500 and 600. These versions feature a wider 21.5-meter wingspan, as well as increased full capacity.

This gives them an edge in terms of range, with the Praetor 500 model able to fly for 6,186 km (3,340 NM), compared to the Legacy 450’s 5,371 km (2,900 NM). Meanwhile, while the Legacy 500 has a range of 5,788 km (3,125 NM), the Praetor 600 exceeds this by almost 30%, clocking in at 7,441 km (4,018 NM).

Did you know about the differences between the Embraer Legacy family’s variants? Have you ever seen, or even flown on, one of these private jets? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments!

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