Surviving The Current Socio-Political Climate: Tips For Businesses

It’s no secret that attracting and keeping the right people has never been an easy job. In fact, many companies spend a lot of money just to achieve these ends. They hire the best recruiters and offer the most enticing sign-on bonuses among many other things. Some even go as far as sponsoring their valuable employees’ relocation. 

While all those things remain important or at least relevant, they are not enough. The current social and political landscape has changed so much. For starters, we now have a working class who are well aware of social realities. They also know that they can walk away from something that doesn’t serve them. Simply put, people now have as much bargaining power as firms and corporations. 

To stay afloat in this type of climate, business owners must make significant changes in the way that they run their affairs. Modern employees are after more than just good pay. In this article, we present two other things they are looking for.


It’s true that English is the universal language. However, English is certainly not the only major language spoken in the United States. Spanish is also a major language in the country, and this is because a good portion of the population are of Latin descent. 

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A good company in the modern era accommodates these people. They provide work for them, and when they do, they are not treated as second-class citizens. This is the United States, and every tax-paying citizen deserves respect regardless of their ethnic background. 

Aside from the Spanish-speaking Latin workers, the country is also replete with immigrants from various backgrounds. Needless to say, these people are crucial parts of the nation’s machinery. They contribute not only money but also talents in building the greatness that America has always been known for. 

These people should be afforded the same respect and opportunity as anybody else. If a company hires only people from a specific race, then it will most likely be construed that its management is engaged in a form of discrimination. At this time and age, being seen as racist is truly not the way to go. 

Now, embracing diversity is not going to be easy, especially given the nation’s history of racial inequality. It will be a work in progress. Good thing that there are sensitivity training programs that companies can avail themselves of. Funding for this can come from merchant cash advances and financing options offered by Nav and other similar companies. 

Political awareness and correctness

A good part of 2020 has been spent reflecting on where the United States really stands when it comes to gay rights, racial equality, and public health concerns. Everyone in the country, from individuals to companies are pushed to pick the side that they are on. And being silent is not an option.

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Companies, if they want to be seen as relevant, must make their stances about pressing issues known. Do they support the fight for racial equality? Do they have policies that help eradicate gender bias at work? Are they supportive of efforts that promote public health? All these and more are questions that need clear answers. There’s no playing it safe. It appears that it’s time to make a stand simply because people are looking for companies that espouse values that are somewhat aligned with theirs. 

Being a good company in modern times is not just about the ability to pay good money. Social relevance starts to become an important factor. 

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