3 ways to convert DOC to PDF

Get ready to learn how to convert DOC to PDF as a beginner just through the usage of some basic tools and methods.  Well, to have your file or folder convert DOC to PDF is not an intricate task at all until and unless you are already having the best tools and platforms by your side as a helping hand.  Tools are the best medium in which you can have your files be converted into any format in just a few seconds and that too by following few basic steps.

Therefore, right here we are helping you to get a quick guide about the top 3 best ways to convert your DOC file into PDF file format. Let’s have a look:

  1. Convert DOC to PDF with PDF Pro

This tool of PDF Pro is becoming the top favorite tool for the easy conversion processing of DOC files into the format of PDF files.  Right through the use of this tool, you will be finding the process of file conversion so much easy and effortless to perform. You will have your converted file in front of you within a few minutes.

Working with this tool is rather easy for both professionals and beginners.  It is even available with the free trial access which is meant for the beginners.  All you have to do is just upload the file which you want to convert. Click on the covert option and remaining work will be done by the tool itself.

Here we have step by step guide for you on how to convert DOC to PDF:

  1. Open the tool and let your PDF file be uploaded in it. You have to drag your PDF file inside the dropzone or you even have an option in which you can also upload your file through the laptop or PC.
  2. Now visit a small dialog box which is stated as “upload file”. In this box, you will be uploading your specific file.
  3. Once the process of conversion has been done, you will be able to have your file be downloaded in front of you. In favor of the DOC format file, you will get at least 3 free downloading.  Given the unlimited range of downloads, you just need to sign up and search for an annual or monthly subscription.


  1. Convert DOC to PDF with 2pdf.com

Next, let’s bring for you the name of 2pdf.com! This tool has made its popular name when it comes to the easy and quick conversion of PDF files or folders. Both the professionals and beginners make the high-level use of this tool for the elementary and rapid conversion of their files or folders.

Here we will provide an explanation tutorial for you to convert DOC to PDF:

  1. You have to; first of all, select out the particular DOC file and then you have to drag it into the page.
  2. Choose the structure of PDF or any unique format in which you want your file to get converted. This amazing tool allows you to convert your file in almost 50 supported formats.
  3. Next, pick out the web page orientation or the web page dimension alternatives if it is necessary.
  4. It will in all probability take a few seconds to have your file converted. You can download it or can moreover get exported into Google Drive or Dropbox.


  1. Convert DOC to PDF with Nitro PDF

Thirdly we have the tool of Nitro PDF! This is the best and yet the major tool of file or folder conversion which you can use for your educational or office purposes.  We will be mentioning this tool as the major alternative over the place of Adobe Acrobat.  Hence this tool is already available with some amazing tools of PDF productivity in which you can also get access to the electronic signatures using browser service.

Besides, this tool has the capacity in which it can easily retain your layout, images, or the fonts and does not bring any sort of changes for your file.  You can turn your email attachments with the help of this tool with some PDF folders or files.  Converting two files all at one once is also possible with this tool. For beginners, this tool has free trial access as well.

Here we have step by step guide for you on how to convert DOC to PDF:

  1. You need to upload your .doc or .docx file inside the website.
  2. Enter your email address on which you will be receiving your converted file for the downloading purpose.
  3. Click the mentioned email link so you can download your converted PDF file.

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