Best Apps to Monitor Your Sugar If You Have Type 2 Diabetes

Coping with type 2 diabetes means paying close attention to your blood sugar levels. Luckily, technology has given us some handy tools to make this job easier and smarter. From this, mobile apps have become like trusty friends for people dealing with type 2 diabetes. These apps come with special features that help to keep an eye on, follow, and handle blood sugar levels effectively.

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With the issues of the internet out of our minds, check this article for further help on monitoring your sugar with type 2 diabetes. So, let us dive into the apps that make checking your blood sugar a breeze, and help you stay on top of your health game!

1.    Glucose Buddy

Glucose Buddy is loved for being simple yet powerful. The app’s design is easy for anyone to use, no matter if you’re new or a pro. It’s a great tool for managing diabetes, helping you stay on track with your health goals. Glucose Buddy is available on iOS and Android. The most prominent features of Glucose Buddy are:

  • Logbook: It allows you to easily log your blood sugar levels, meals, and medications with a simple interface.
  • Data Analysis: It gives you a chance to check out detailed charts and graphs to see how things change over time.
  • Reminders: You can set reminders for your medicines, meals, and blood sugar checks.

Get ready for hassle-free diabetes management with Glucose Buddy!

2.    Diabetes: M

Diabetes: M shines with its approach to complete diabetes management. With meal logging and medication tracking working together, it’s a strong tool for those seeking a comprehensive solution. It is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Some amazing features of this app are:

  • Meal Logging: Allows you to keep tabs on what you eat with the app’s thorough meal logging feature.
  • Medication Tracking: You can record your medicines, dosages, and schedules hassle-free.
  • Built-in Reports: You can get detailed reports for a clearer picture of managing diabetes.

Whether you’re new to managing diabetes or a pro, Diabetes: M has your back for a holistic and effective approach.

3.    MySugr

MySugris more than just a tracker; it analyzes. The insulin calculator is especially helpful for those on insulin therapy. Whether you’re new to this or have been managing for a while, MySugr stands out for its focus on understanding data. MySugr has cool features including:

  • Carb Tracking: Keep an eye on your carbs with MySugr’s handy carb log.
  • Insulin Calculator: Figure out your insulin dosage using factors like blood sugar levels and carb intake.
  • Integration: MySugr syncs with different glucose meters for a smooth experience.

It is available on both Android and iOS. It’s a great tool to make managing diabetes a bit easier and more insightful.

4.    One Drop

One Drop goes beyond just tracking—it adds a social touch. The community feature builds a sense of togetherness, and sharing experiences. And with AI-powered insights, it becomes even more effective. The prominent features of this amazing app are:

  • Community Support: Connect with a supportive diabetes community through One Drop’s community feature.
  • Bluetooth Integration: Sync the app with Bluetooth-enabled glucose meters for easy data input.
  • Personalized Insights: One Drop uses AI to give you personalized insights based on your data.

Available on both platforms, One Drop is here to make the journey a bit more connected and insightful.

5.    Noom

Noom stands out as a unique health and wellness app, focusing on sustainable weight loss and healthy lifestyle changes. The app encourages mindful eating, goal setting, and regular exercise, creating a holistic approach to well-being. Its prominent features include:

  • Personalized Approach to Nutrition: You can keep track of your calorie intake, track your habits, and even join a paid monthly program.
  • Community Building: It gives a chance to build a supportive community for users to connect and share their journeys.

With its blend of technology and psychology, Noom aims to empower individuals to make lasting improvements to their health and fitness.


Choosing the right app for monitoring blood sugar levels depends on individual preferences, lifestyle, and specific needs. These apps, with their diverse features, offer a range of options for individuals with type 2 diabetes. Whether you are someone who prioritizes simplicity, in-depth data analysis, or community support, there is likely an app that aligns with your preferences.

However, it is extremely important to note that while these apps can be valuable tools, they should not replace professional medical advice. Rather, they should be your buddy alongside professional advice. Always consult with your healthcare team for personalized guidance on managing your type 2 diabetes.

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