How to Track Retail Sales Reps Performance

Leveraging technology to track retail sales rep performance can help businesses excel by identifying latent metrics. Retail selling KPIs are a direct indicator of retail sales rep performance, and should be meticulously tracked to improve sales performance. 

Sales metric analysis can be made easy by cloud-based apps that allow you to track the progress of retail field force through mobile phones.

Businesses grow through generation of revenues, and technology allows them to precisely determine how their sales force is performing and stay ahead of the competition.

Sales reps can gain increased mobility by reporting through mobile phones, which allows managers to track them better. CloudApper SalesQ is a field sales monitoring app that can track the performance of retail sales reps for better revenue.

How to Track Retail Sales Performance

The performance of retail sales teams can be tracked through their mobile phones by collecting relevant data for better sales performance evaluation in the following ways:

Track Sales Per Employee

Sales target achievement is the acid test of measuring how field sales reps are performing. This is simply calculated by setting achievable and challenging targets and assessing the performance of reps through analyzing target achievement. 

Reps who perform better can be rewarded, or assigned better accounts or territories. SalesQ allows you to dynamically detect the performance of sales reps by viewing the targets being achieved on the field to assess performance.

Measure Revenue and Units Sold

The overall selling effort of your sales force can be determined by measuring the revenue generated by the whole team. This can be calculated as revenue itself or as units sold for convenience. 

This indicates the performance of the company in terms of converting customers, and can be measured against different selling cycles or outlets to understand the performance of your sales team.

Track Check-in Locations

The performance of retail sales reps can be measured by ensuring they are reporting from the location they are supposed to. Gone are the days when the location was noted by verbal communication. Technology ensures that reps check-in from where they are supposed to be through Geo-fencing. 

SalesQ allows sales reps to provide check-in details from the perimeter of their assigned locations only. This increases visit authenticity by granting you a pair of eyes on the field.

View Visit Logs

The visit logs of your retail sales force can be maintained and accessed to review their performance. Viewing the frequency of visits scheduled and completed can help understand the performance of retail 

sales reps and help make adjustments where necessary. This helps keep a track of store visits and when they were conducted and by whom for future reference.

Manage Tasks

Tracking the tasks of retail employees is important to ensure that orders are being smoothly delivered and employee tasks are well accounted for. 

This helps managers to ensure that reps are working as per requirement and that all assigned tasks are being taken care of. SalesQ allows reps to create and complete tasks, which can then be viewed by managers in detail to assess their performance.


The answer to how to track retail sales reps’ performance will vary depending on the type of your business. But certain aspects stay the same across all businesses and sales teams and can be measured to ensure better sales force performance. 

The performance and KPIs of retail sales teams can be measured and managed conveniently through their mobile devices. SalesQ is a field sales monitoring app that can measure the performance of your retail sales reps. Sign up for a 14-day trial now.

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