Can you really take selfies?

Do you like makeup, selfies or selfies in the mirror? What else do you need besides perfect makeup for selfies? Internet celebrities, the self-portraits of celebrities show transparent skin and bright eyes. And self-portrait always feels wrong? Missing some kind of atmosphere? All this is related to a very simple thing, that is, light.

The quality of our photos is largely related to the light. But if it is indoors, the light is not as good as outdoor sunlight, so natural and beautiful. At this time we need some tools. For example, the beauty light.

Make-up under brighter lights will make your makeup more delicate because you can better control your makeup. After putting on makeup, take a selfie under

light, there will be brilliance in the eyes, as beautiful as the stars hidden in the eyes. KIWI design’s makeup lamp can not only fill light, but also be designed into the shape of petals. When used, the petals are reflected in the pupil, which is an effect that cannot be obtained with a cosmetic contact lens. Catching light can inject soul into selfies. For selfies without lights, there will be no gods in the eyes and lifeless photos. Looking at this comparison chart, does it feel amazing?

Light also plays an important role in video shooting. Under the light, the eyes of the portrait in the camera will be bright, the face will become soft focus, and the skin will be transparent and shiny. Even the law lines will disappear. Simply reborn, it is the level of beauty that will make oneself fall. Whether you are shooting video or live broadcast, you need a fill light. Without the fill light, the picture is not clear and bright enough, and the appearance will be reduced.

When shooting, it is very troublesome to place a lamp and a mobile phone holder, but KIWI has fully considered this point. It has made a mobile phone holder on the light pole. It must be said that this is a very human design, it is simply Tailored for women.

KIWI makeup light has multiple brightness levels that can be adjusted, whether it is bright or soft, it can satisfy you. It can be easily adjusted by just touching the button in the middle. Whether you want to use it for makeup, taking photos and lighting, or before going to bed, the soft lighting needed for reading and playing with your mobile phone. KIWI can do it.

A beauty lamp with a petal shape will not only add points to your selfies, but also add points to your life. Because of its beautiful appearance, it can also be used as an ornament in the room while being practical. With warm yellow lights and off-white sheets, you can quietly play on your phone or read a book in bed. Beautiful like a painting.

KIWI design makeup light adds points to your beauty and allows you to meet a more beautiful self. Increase happiness in life.

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