Complete Guide to Preventing Drowsiness During Long Truck Drives

Drowsiness and fatigue account for 13% of accidents among commercial motor vehicle drivers. These drowsy drivers are usually unable to react fast enough during emergencies. The very knowledgeable truck accident attorneys at Angel Reyes & Associates in Dallas, TX have provided several important ways of preventing drowsiness during long truck drives, and most of these techniques are very easy to implement.

Get enough sleep

Most truck drivers have to travel long distances within a limited time, denying them time to get adequate sleep. This is counterproductive because your body requires enough sleep for it to function correctly. Medical experts recommend a normal human being sleep for at least six hours every twenty-four hours, and as a result, you should ensure you sleep for the recommended hours or even more.

Maintain regular eating habits

Your body might develop food cravings or fatigue because of eating at irregular times, overeating, or skipping some meals. It is common for truck drivers to skip meals when they are on the road because they do not have time to eat or are in remote places where they cannot quickly get food. It is better to carry packed food but ensure that you have a regular eating schedule so that your body can get used to the schedule and therefore avoid unnecessary fatigue.

Avoid medication that can cause drowsiness

Some medicines have drowsiness as one of their side effects, and such medicines can hinder your driving abilities. If you have a condition that requires that you take a medicine that induces drowsiness, you better postpone your journey or allow another driver to drive the truck. While using any medicine, you should make inquiries about its side effects to avoid becoming drowsy while behind the wheels.

Know signs that mean you are drowsy

An exhausted person develops several symptoms, which include heavy eyes, blurred vision, and frequent yawning. You should stop your truck and take a nap whenever you experience any of the symptoms of drowsiness. An ideal nap to reduce drowsiness should take about ten to forty-five minutes, depending on drowsiness levels. It would be best if you handed over the truck to another driver in case you feel that a nap will not help in dealing with drowsiness or consider resting for several hours before going on with the journey.

Ensure your truck is mechanically sound

A truck with mechanical issues is challenging to drive since it requires extra effort, resulting in fatigue and drowsiness. It is advisable to ensure that your truck does not have any mechanical problems before starting the journey. You should stop and get help from a professional mechanic or deal with the issue if you can handle it. This is why most truck drivers do basic mechanic courses to deal with emergency mechanical issues.

Deal with non-work stress

Personal non-work issues can lead to stress which will affect the performance of your body. Your issues can readily affect your body, including making you extra drowsy due to not sleeping properly. These include issues such as court cases, which you can resolve through getting competent lawyers. Therefore, you can be safer on the road by following this enlightening and informative guide on preventing drowsiness during long truck drives.


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