Everything you need to know about 30 second videos

If a minute of airtime is not available, but there are, for example, only thirty seconds, then the whole story may not fit into it. Then you need to choose the brightest fragment from it, so that the viewer can use it to restore the rest of the narrative line.

It is possible. Genre photography works on the same principle (I saw American Girl in Italy and realized that while Italian housewives are preparing dinner, an American girl is traveling, and men are looking at her with admiration, but what else can they do?) But any photo has much more time contact with the viewer than the video, so the plot for the video has to be chosen more carefully. The 30 second explainer videos, unlike the photo, will not be considered. His effect lasts exactly as long as he himself.

Long videos vs short 30 second videos

Typical situation is when a short video provides a higher level of engagement in comparison to long. The attention of viewers is kept much better. Technologies are changing the habits of content consumption, including advertising. The Internet provides a huge choice, and the user prefers to choose only what he is interested in, constantly switching and trying to avoid intrusive advertising. Therefore, “catching” and retaining the user’s attention is the # 1 task for a brand in online advertising, and not only online. 

How to create 30 second video?

It works like this:

  • From the beginning of the story, shown in the video, all other events grow.
  • If the beginning of the story is done correctly, it awakens the viewer’s imagination, and this works better than chewing it and putting it in your mouth.

You can take the middle of the story.This is the most difficult option – to build the middle so that the beginning and the end appear from it. If a video in the format of the beginning of a story simply lets the viewer free, then the middle should very accurately make it clear to the viewer what he should present. Otherwise, it makes no sense to take the middle.

You can take the very end of the story for 30 second video so that the viewer can restore everything that was before. This is one of the most popular solutions to the problem. Because by showing the end of the story, the advertiser directly communicates the core value of their product.

So it doesn’t matter what to take into the video from explain.ninja: the beginning, middle or end of the story. If only the missing parts would grow out of it.

Pros of 30 second video

Of course in the center of attention are the benefits, which are numerous. For short content there is need for less resources. With a creative approach it’s much easier to create such videos. The processing cycle is fast, so as a result can be produced a high quality video content in a very effective way.

The messages which the company wants to send are more likely to reach and resonate with all the segments of the audience in case of short videos. People like them because there is no need to spend a lot of time watching.

The short video has stable popularity. Every owner of business sis interested in getting more customers, and such video would definitely help to deal with the task. Also such videos are easy to be shared.mobile gadgets with others.

Cons of 30 second video

If there is a limited time frame for work, then there is a need to compress your messages appropriately. it means leaving out some details that ideally are included.

Not absolutely every topic or style can be covered with a short video. So in some cases it’s better to choose another format, as short one is not appropriate.

Keeping your short video content is a complicated task. It should be carried out by real professionals, who can perform all the important information. Otherwise the quality would suffer a lot.


Videos can help your business succeed in a variety of ways, but only if you successfully communicate your main messages in a way that your audience finds interesting. Place storytelling, engagement, and quality at the forefront of your approach to ensure that you and your audience get the most out of your video content.

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