Fun Bindle Ideas For Children

Keeping children busy with fun things to do is quite an art. The good news is there exists a wealth of ideas for entertaining young ones, while simultaneously engaging them in teachable moments.

Making a bindle stick is a task in which children can be engrossed which leads to several others. Combining fun and learning in this manner is ideal for helping children develop their fine motor skills as well as boosting other areas of their development.

Here’s our guide to several fun bindle ideas for children. We’ll explain how to make the bindle stick and help you guide kiddos through filling their bags with fascinating objects.

What You Need To Make A Bindle Stick

Making a bindle stick should be a fun learning experience for children. In addition to keeping them busy making the bindle; it will generate entertainment for them as they’re collecting items to fill it.

But wait, before we get all the way into the benefits of making a bindle stick, here’s what your child will need to make one:

  • A plain pillowcase, which can be old or new, but it should be plain, and light-colored to show your child’s artwork
  • Fabric markers your child will use to decorate the pillowcase before it becomes a personal bindle for storing interesting items
  • Dy erase crayons or dot paints
  • A pair of scissors
  • A stick to complete the job

Making The Bindle Stick

Step 1: Fold the pillowcase in half from the open end to the closed end. Cut it on the fold to create a bag from the closed half of the pillowcase. Use the scissors to make a slit along the closed edges of the sack. These slits should be about seven inches long through both sides but not too close to the edges to prevent tearing.  Instead of throwing the other half of the pillowcase away, use it to create other fun activities.

Step 2: Your child can now decorate the bindle bag however they’d like with fabric markers or dot paint. Exercising their creative skills in this fashion should keep them busy for at least 30 minutes.

Step 3: Once your child has completed their decorations, it’s time to look for a suitable stick. Help the little one find an appropriately strong stick that is approximately 30 inches long.

Step 4: Attach the stick to the bag by inserting it through the slits and knotting them to close your sack.

Step 5: Finish the job by accompanying the child to look for treasures indoors and outdoors.

The Benefits Of Making A Bindle Stick

This activity is suitable for children between the ages of 3 and 8 years. Performing the necessary steps makes children exercise their fine motor skills, as well as patience and perseverance.

Making a bindle stick also builds on cognitive skills and grows your child’s emotional and social development in a positive manner by focusing on key behavioral schema. Your child will also learn how to be kind to the environment by being taught to return these items to the environment after a time.

These fun bindle ideas for children are a wonderful way to keep little hands busy in a constructive manner. It’s also an excellent teaching tool, comprised of many benefits for your child’s balanced growth. Using this and similar activities to entertain your little one leads them to become healthy, balanced individuals who love the outdoors and being creative. It also boosts their socialization abilities.





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