Fun Team Building Activities For Your Next Business Off-site Meeting in Pasadena

Team-building activities are an integral part of off-site meetings. They can help strengthen the bonds between team members, improve communication and problem-solving, and hone a host of other helpful skills, ultimately leading to a stronger team.

There’s no reason team-building activities can’t also be fun and interesting — especially in a vibrant city like Pasadena, home to an array of cultural attractions and exciting events year-round. To help create a memorable company off-site meeting in Pasadena, here are some fun and interesting team-building activities you should consider.

Top team-bonding activities to consider for your next meeting in Pasadena

1. Team-building games

There are a number of classic games often played at company offsites to encourage team bonding. They can be broken down into different categories and purposes.

Games such as Life Highlights and Two Truths and a Lie are great icebreakers. Games like the Human Knot and the Perfect Square work on communication skills, while the Great Egg Drop is for problem-solving. A scavenger hunt is a great way to get team members to all work together.

A group of seven men and women with their hands raised together and touching

2. Get physical outdoors

Chances are, your employees spend most of their days indoors. Even at a company off-site, many of the scheduled activities will likely be indoors. Give your team a change of scenery and take advantage of the surrounding areas by incorporating activities outdoors.

You can stretch your legs by going for a hike or bike ride at a nearby park or trail. Lower Arroyo Park is a convenient place to get out and about in Pasadena. Alternatively, get out on the water with a boat ride, or try something more active like kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding.

Depending on what your attendees are into, you can also organize outdoor yoga sessions, rounds of golf, tennis, or even rock climbing. Pasadena offers all these activities and so many more!

3. Share a meal and drinks

Rather than having meals as an afterthought to your off-site, make it a focal point and an opportunity for teams to get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere. This can apply to both lunch and dinner. You can assign team members to different groups or tables to help facilitate meetings and interactions.

You can also incorporate drinks in a structured but fun way, such as a tasting of some kind, be it wine, whiskey, or some other adult beverage. A brewery tour is another fun way to get to know your teammates and sample the local flavors.

With dozens of eateries to choose from in Pasadena, you and your team are spoiled for choice. Just be sure to consider your teammates’ dietary preferences when choosing a restaurant.

A group of seven men and women with their hands raised together and touching

Alt-text: top-down view of a group eating around the table with their hands and drinks in for a toast

4. Volunteer

Volunteering is a great way to do good, give back to the community, and bond with fellow employees. For the company, it can also be good for PR, which is never a bad thing. Some ideas of ways your team can volunteer together:

  • Assemble care packages for individuals and groups in need.
  • Clean up a public space, such as a park, playground, school, or road.
  • Spend time working at a local food bank or delivering food for organizations like Meals for Wheels.
  • Donate blood or spend time with sick kids at a local hospital.
  • Share your expertise with the community.

5. Learn something new

Organizing a class for your team is a fun way to learn and bond together. For creative types, you can try an arts and crafts class, like printmaking or painting. Cooking classes are also popular and a tasty way to bond while learning something useful. Or try something fun, like a comedy or improv class.

There’s no limit to the type of class you can organize. You can check to see what interests your team, or opt for a class that might be helpful to their role in some way, though it’s perfectly fine to pick a class just for fun.

6. Escape room escapades

Escape rooms are great team-building activities because you really have to work as a team to figure out clues and “escape” under pressure. Depending on the size of your team, you can have multiple escape rooms running simultaneously. They’re really popular now and come with different themes, so you are bound to find one that suits your company and team.

You can also plan your own escape room. Find a room large enough to fit your team (either together or split into smaller groups), pick a theme, then plant different clues and tasks that the team needs to complete throughout the room. Set a reasonable time limit, then let your team work together to try and escape.

7. Give them an adrenaline rush

Combine team-building with a bit of fear and adrenaline for a real rush. Take your team go-karting, and let them engage in some friendly competition on the track. Or up the ante with a paintball or laser tag tournament.

For something that doesn’t involve competition, take the team to Six Flags Magic Mountain, filled with all sorts of adrenaline-inducing rides and roller coasters. For a really memorable experience, take your team indoor skydiving.

Motive your team with a bit of fun

The company off-site doesn’t have to be a dreaded event with boring talks and mind-numbing events. Incorporating a bit of fun will help motivate your team and help them bond and build into a better team. This article lists out some fun activities to consider.

Think about what activities you want to incorporate before you book the venue for your off-site, as that might affect your requirements. But once you do have a good idea of your needs, go ahead and start looking for meeting spaces in Pasadena that will make your next company off-site amazing.

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