How have Tattoos merged with the new Fashion Trends?

Tattoos or body art have their origin from Neolithic times. During its journey from those times till date, they have surfaced, submerged, and resurfaced for various reasons.

Sometimes society considered it to cure some ailments, and also, it was used to identify and segregate some people of the community from others.

Again, some people inscribed their personal stories on their bodies. At times, the same society considered it tatoo and considered it an art form to look attractive or sensuous.

However, during the middle part of the 20th-century, tattoos gained much popularity, and ever since, there is no looking back; it is raging and merging with the new fashion trends.

One of the main reasons for tattoos becoming a fashion statement is that celebrities in different fields do this body art and popularize it amongst their fans.

Again, the age-old method of piercing the skin with needles changed utterly with the advancement of technology. Today you have the best of the best rotary tattoo machines or the coil machines are used to imprint the perfect designs with colors.

Tattoo inscription is less painful and not a gruesome work, unlike some centuries ago when the skin was perforated by needles manually.

Therefore, more and more people are going under the experts’ needles using modern tattoo machines and painting their bodies.

Believe it, in today’s time, tattooing has become a hot profession where one could easily start with a basic tattoo starter kit, practice his skills and open a tattoo shop to earn a living. It’s no more a taboo.

We can say that tattoo has become synonymous with the latest fashion. Let us discuss how this has merged with fashion trends.

Tattoos and Fashion

The patterns of tattoos have become unique. One can put forward this style statement painting their body with tribal arts, vintage arts, and the latest pin-up variations. Tattoos are no more the dumb and blunt images that were done on the body, few hundred years ago.

Today, they are perfect with delicate lines and become more colorful. Today, on the one hand, people prefer simple designs having a minimalistic vibe, and on the other hand, many people prefer offbeat and bold designs. The tattoo enthusiasts are choosing the designs as per their character.

Macho guys, riding their bikes or engaging in adventure sports, prefer bold tattoos that match their image and dress code.

The young girls prefer some soft design that can enhance their feminist beauty and look attractive. Showing the latest body art is not taboo these days. People are inscribing various areas of their body, including private parts, using rotary or coil machines under an expert tattooist’s supervision.

Some latest trends

  As fashion changes with short notice, so are the tattoos changing. We can, in other words, say that fashion and tattoos are becoming interdependent.

With girls wearing off-shoulder, halter neck dresses or minis skirts showing their legs and thighs, tattoos in different colors also change positions on the body, including the designs.

Boys wearing sleeveless jackets and shirts or Bermudas and pants are no less behind the gals while experimenting with the tattoos.

  • Tattoos of watercolor – Water-color tattoos are always a favorite amongst all. These tattoos can be done in any part of the body, and the sizes can vary accordingly. The tattoos are vivid, with soft and blurred lines and like a paintbrush’s stroke on the body. We can say that this design is unisex. On the one hand, the paintings are feminine and chic, and on the other, they are masculine and rough. With the combination of the latest dress as per fashion trends, this design can represent sexuality and enhance beauty, increasing the overall volumetric effects of looking attractive. Thanks to the modern tattoo machines which can paint the body perfectly and be in fashion. The most common places to do this tattoo are shoulders, chest, arms, ankles, hips, and many other revealing areas.
  • Cross-stitch design tattoos – One of the most popular designs matching with the latest fashion trends is cross-stitch tattoos. Designs of embroidery, crocheting are being painted with the help of coil or rotary machines. The machine’s use has popularized these demanding designs as the process is less painful, but the designs become more colorful and unique. People go for X shape or mosaic designs and can be done by both men and women. Floral designs are always a hit with tattoos. However, going with the latest fashion trends, flowers, cartoon characters, animals, or a heart is inscribed o the body. Each of the designs has different meanings like signifying immoral love, purity, mature love, passion, motherhood, freedom, and many more. People usually do these tattoos on arms, ribs, wrists, chest, or back.
  • Tattoo with tiny design – If you want to hide your tattoo from the public and allow only your beloved to have a look, then tiny tattoos are the latest fashion. They can be done in line-work, geometric or dot-work styles. The shapes are delicate, and the patterns are simple. Some people even write scripts or the name of their beloved and feel exuberant and passionate. People do this design in hips, ribs, breasts, nape, behind the ear, and many other hidden areas.

With the introduction of machines to make tattoos and various parlors opening up, people inscribe different permanent designs on their bodies.

Tattoos have become one of the fashion statements, and people, irrespective of age, are painting their bodies to bring forward their passion, love, masculinity, inspirations, and many more.

The designs are changing, keeping pace with fashion and the latest trends.

No more tattoos are considered taboo but as a fashion statement to look more sensual, attractive, and glamorous.

The colors of life are changing with this resurfaced body art due to technologically advanced tattoo machines that can paint anywhere on your body with minimum pain. It is time to be with fashion to stay offbeat looking bright.

Although some designs are controversial, they are versatile and bright. Being bold expressing passion, dreams, or desires, painting your body with tattoos can help you stay with fashion. It is time to explore more and look beautiful.


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