How Important Is It to See My Doctor After My Slip and Fall Accident?

Slip and falls are unfortunate accidents that happen frequently to people around the world. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention), over a million people in the United States incur a physical injury as a direct result of slip and fall accidents each year. Around 17,000 people suffer fatal injuries that claim their lives.

Whether or not the injury at the time looks serious to you, the fact remains that slip and fall accidents are extremely dangerous, and their outcome should not be taken lightly. The experienced Los Angeles slip and fall accident lawyers at Salamati Law have provided several very important reasons to visit your doctor when you have experienced severe injuries. Serious physical injuries resulting from such accidents should always be checked by medical professionals after any slip and fall accident.

Immediate Medical Treatment

You should immediately go to the doctor after any slip and fall injury regardless of its apparent extent or severity. Getting immediate medical care for your injury is important for two reasons.

Firstly, it is essential to get your injuries checked by a medical professional who can initiate treatment as needed. If you delay or fail to get your injuries checked by a doctor, there is a risk of things becoming worse with time, and in little time you could inadvertently cause a minor back pain resulting from a slip and fall to become a major and potentially disabling health issue.

Secondly, if the slip and fall accident was not caused due to your negligence or did not occur at your property, you might be able to sue the property owner for damages. Filing an insurance claim or pursuing such a lawsuit against another party requires documented proof of injury. If you fail to visit the doctor and do not get any treatment for your injuries, it becomes difficult to obtain any compensation for your expenses.

Complying With the Treatment

Not only is it essential to visit your doctor immediately after the accident, but it is also equally important to comply with the prescribed treatment. The history of non-compliance or missing the doctor’s appointments reflects poorly on your legal position in the lawsuit and evokes doubt about the seriousness of your injury.

Keeping Things on the Record

Whether you visit the emergency services or your family doctor after the accident, the medical bills and the addition of your injuries and treatments to your prior medical record make it easier to prove your injuries in a court of law. Additionally, if the accident occurred at someone else’s property, you should contact the property owner right away and notify them of the accident. Keeping things on the record can help you in obtaining fair financial compensation for your physical, emotional, and monetary damages.

Hiring a Slip and Fall Lawyer

Aside from contacting the doctor right away, you should hire a slip and fall injury lawyer as soon as you can. An experienced lawyer who has dealt with slip and fall accidents can help you in obtaining fair financial compensation for your damages and help keep you legally organized throughout the lawsuit.

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