How to Get Rid of the Back Pain: A Complete Guide

Back pain is one of the most difficult hurdles to overcome in humans, and almost everyone suffers from it at some point in their lives. It mostly occurs in elderly and middle-aged people, but sometimes it also happens to youngsters or young adults—either due to their rough-and-tough life or because of genetic reasons.

Whatever your age is and for whatever reason you have encountered back pain, you are a lot likely to overcome it with the help of a few tips. In this comprehensive guide, we will try our best to explain the reasons for back pain, what you can do to avoid it and get relief, and where you can go to get proper treatment for your back pain.

Let’s begin.

Why Back Pain Occurs?

Most of the time, back pain occurs without any noticeable cause. You might feel pain in your back after a bad night’s sleep or heavy lifting at a workplace which would only be temporary and can be easily get rid of with the help of some remedies, but chronic back pain is deeper than that.

While the real reason for back pain can only be diagnosed by a doctor after he/she gets a good look at your condition, there are still some commonly-known factors that are linked to back pain in most cases. These causes are:

  • Arthritis

Arthritis is a natural breakdown of bones that causes pain in your body and joints. What’s worst is that there is no sure way to prevent arthritis, it’s nature’s disease. However, you can reduce the risk of arthritis by living your life strictly on the right track from your teen years—which most of us don’t do.

A kind of arthritis named osteoarthritis is one cause of pain in the lower back. It occurs when the spine eats up the space around the spinal cord.

  • Muscle strain

Muscle or ligament strain is another reason why back pain occurs. Your muscles strain due to many reasons, one of which is heavy lifting on a regular basis, especially if your physical condition is not too good. Constant weight and strain on your back muscles can create pain, and it can get chronic very fast if it is not checked.

  • Osteoporosis

If the bones in your body become brittle and porous, which mostly happens as the age gets older, the vertebrae of your spine acquire fractures which can be very painful.

  • Ruptured disks

The disks in your body are like cushions in-between the bones of your spine. If the material inside the disk (which is soft) starts bulging or gets ruptured, it starts pressing on the nerves. Although ruptured disks were found in most of the X-rays of back-pain patients, it is also possible to have disk complications without ever catching back pain.

The above-mentioned causes were a few of the many causes that have been noted in X-rays of patients who are suffering from back pains. However, those mentioned above are the most common ones.

How to Avoid Back Pain?

As it is said above, if the back pain is occurring because of age-related diseases, such as arthritis, there is little chance to avoid it, unless you have lived your life in an ultra-healthy way. Apart from that, genetic back pain is also unavoidable. A study in 2011 showed that lumbar disc disease (which causes pain in the lower back) can be inherited and become the cause of back pain that runs genetically.

Unfortunately, if you are going through one of the cases above, you cannot completely eradicate your back pain. However, you can definitely feel better through pain-reliefs and proper treatments prescribed by a professional.

On the other hand, there is another kind of back pain that is not genetic or chronic, it is possible that you can avoid it. Just keep track of the following points.

  • Don’t do the repetitive heavy lifting, especially not if you think you are putting too much load on your not-so-good physique.
  • Always keep your posture straight, no matter what. Usually, when people sit in front of the computer or TV, their back is totally bent backward, which hinders the maintenance of their posture.
  • Sleep on the right pillow and on the right mattress. A lot of people who develop back pain realize very late in life that the mattress and pillows they have been sleeping on were not right for them; they were either too fluffy or too hard. Additionally, sleeping positions also matter.
  • Do regular exercise to keep your body active and in shape. Try to take more energy into your body through food and drinks and then use this energy in something that shapes up your muscles.
  • Eat a balanced diet. Keep the water intake high—2 liters per day.

If you follow all these steps, you will, hopefully, live a long, pain-free life.

How to Treat Back Pain?

We explained to you how back pain causes and how you avoid it. But if you have already developed back pain and now are looking for proper treatment, we can help you with that.

Most people take over-the-counter drugs to manage back pain. In addition, muscle relaxers and toxic pain relievers help them get through their weeks. If the situation is more complicated than that, narcotics and antidepressants are also a few of the available options.

However, the best treatment still resides with the best orthopedic specialists. Therefore, we recommend you to go to a professional before you take anything or do any remedy. Since it’s a matter of your health, you cannot trust anyone’s opinion before talking to a professional who completely understands what you are going through.

Apart from that, back pain can also be solved with the help of a chiropractor. What a chiropractor does is thoroughly examine your body and jot down the points which can be accessed externally and become the reason behind the pain relief. A chiropractor would basically manipulate the bones in your body by massaging them and will keep them in the right shape and direction.

In fact, a research review concluded that “spinal manipulation can help relieve pain” and improves the bodily function of those who suffered from low-back pain.

Therefore, it is completely safe to say that a chiropractor isn’t just eating your money, unlike the misconception, it actually helps. If you are suffering from any kind of back pain, you should go to a chiropractor in Stockbridge GA.

If these treatments turn out good, you can have a perfect life ahead.


Since we are wrapping it up here, let’s talk about one more thing that wasn’t mentioned in the article. People also have an option to go for surgery to treat back pain. However, in most “non-genetical” cases, the surgery is very rare—it was said that the worst of the pain can be forgotten within three months, and after that, it’s just medicine.

Therefore, the correct option would be to consult a professional orthopedic doctor and then make your decision.

We hope this article/guide helped you and your family in their complications with back pain. For further questions, visit a doctor, that is the only person who can guide you with specifications. Good luck.


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