How You Can Avoid Blind Spot Accidents

Drivers involved in an accident are often found claiming that they did not see the other vehicle. Most close calls and multiple collisions occur each year where the driver was not alert and failed to check the vehicle next to them. Such accidents are termed as blind spot accidents.

What is a Blind Spot?

The rear-view mirror and side mirrors are designed to help the driver see certain angles around their vehicle. But there are still some spots that the driver of the vehicle cannot directly see. Such areas are termed as a blind spot. All vehicles are bound to have a blind spot.

Different Types of Blind Spot Accidents

Most common cases of blind spot accidents are observed when the driver has missed noticing another vehicle behind their own car when changing lanes. This results in the driver hitting the other vehicle or pushing it off the road. A Blind-spot collision may happen even when the driver is trying to check for other vehicles before changing lanes. Sometimes blind spot accidents also occur when the car hits another bike, or truck, or pedestrian through a rear-sided collision.

Just like any other car collision, the intensity of a blind spot accident varies depending on the speed of the vehicle, and the location of impact. As blind spot accidents usually take place on roads when vehicles are driving at full speeds, the impact of such collisions is generally severe.

How Can You Avoid Blind Spot Accidents?

Blindspot accidents can be reduced or eliminated by taking some precautionary steps as listed below:

Check for Vehicles: The rule of thumb is to always watch for cars as they approach before changing lanes. To eliminate blind spots, drivers can briefly turn their heads to check adjacent lanes for any vehicles before changing lanes.

Adjust Rear View Mirrors: Drivers should adjust the rear-view mirror before starting a car to make sure that the rear window is framed.

Adjust Side Mirrors: Drivers should also ensure to adjust the side mirrors to remove any blind spots. This can be achieved by lean to the far right as much as possible and adjusting the right mirror such that the body of the vehicle is barely visible.

Convex Mirrors: Normal mirrors can be replaced by convex mirrors to increase the driver’s visibility.

Blind Spot Mirrors: Drivers can add blind spot mirrors to their side mirrors to erase out any blind spots and increase visibility.

Drive within Speed Limit: Drivers should always drive responsibly and within the allowed speed limit so that they can respond better if a dangerous situation suddenly arises and prevent blind spot accidents.

How can a Good Car Accident Lawyer help you?

It is important to stay alert and attentive at all times when driving to avoid being involved in a serious collision. If you were involved in a car accident owing to the negligence of another driver, you are eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit. It is suggested to get in touch with a car accident attorney who can review your case and help you understand your legal options. A seasoned lawyer can represent you and negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf to ensure that you receive maximum compensation for your injuries and damages. For additional information on blind spot accidents from established car accident lawyers at Riddle and Brantley, visit their blog page here: https://justicecounts.com/goldsboro-nc-car-accident-lawyer/blind-spots/


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