Pass Microsoft MS-500 Exam with Dumps to Get Well-Paid Security Administrator Job

You can obtain the Microsoft 365 Certified Security Administrator Associate certification only if you pass MS-500 exam. This assessment takes you through different security concepts and services and helps you become skilled in identifying appropriate solutions to protect business processes and data. Also, this badge opens for you the doors of international companies and helps you access higher paid jobs. Thanks to this credential, you will also have a secure position in your company and will be considered a valuable member of the team. Are you curious to know more about the duties of a Security Administrator? We created this article to give an answer to this question and much more than that. Hop with us on this journey and discover how you can pass your Microsoft MS-500 test.


Skills Tested during Microsoft MS-500

If you manage to pass MS-500, you will become a certified Security Administrator Associate. To excel in this assessment, you will need to:

  • Discover how to configure and implement access and identity for users;
  • Manage different Microsoft solutions to ensure threat protection;
  • Ensure efficient information protection management and properly configure the company’s processes using Microsoft services;
  • Use Microsoft 365 technology to ensure the highest level of compliance and governance management.
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The registration fee for this test is $165 and you will have 180 minutes to give the right answers to 40-60 questions. As this exam is rather tough to accomplish you should prepare for it using verified materials only. We will tell you more about them in the following paragraphs but now let’s learn how much a Security Administrator earns annually.


How Much Does Security Administrator Earn?

The specialist that occupies this position is responsible for using Microsoft 365 services to ensure the highest level of security and identifying any potential threats. Besides, his/her job is important to maintain business continuity and keep business processes under control. According to the PayScale.com website, the average salary that a security administrator can get yearly is almost $67k. However, depending on your expertise and experience your income can range from $48k to $94k per year. Also, this certification will open you the gates to different international companies like Qualys, Inc., and Lamar Advertising Co.


Training Makes Difference in MS-500 Test

We believe that intensive training is the key to your success in assessment MS-500. If you opt for verified materials and take a look at the vendor’s website, then your success in it is guaranteed. For example, you can use the instructor-led training as an interactive solution to get answers to your questions related to MS-500. Also, you can check your preparation status by doing different dumps that will help you get used to the test environment and structure.



The Microsoft MS-500 assessment is the necessary step that you need to take to get the relevant credential to become a Security Administrator Associate. Multinational companies are anxiously waiting for certified specialists who are able to keep their processes under control to make sure that everything stays like this.


You can increase your chances to get a good passing score in this test if you use the vendor’s official materials for your prep. Finally, you can spice them up with dumps to get an objective overview of your test preparedness level.


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