The future of golf can be much shorter than you may think

There surely can be no greater scene to witness than a young boy of 11 years hitting a hole in one of the inaugural shots which was being opened at a short course designed by Tiger Woods. It was seen in front of the 15 times winner himself-CNN. 

This is the story of Taylor Crozier back in March 2016 at the Bluejack National based in Texas. The cheering of the crowd was so full of energy and frenzy, that it seemed like one of the many Tiger Woods great triumphs over a period of time. 

 Playing in a three-ball yet again with some other lucky youngster, Woods has seen the following suit alongside the putter across the huge 81-yard opening hole. A remarkable lipping out for the win was witnessed. Hence, a great vision of golf was embedded in the great Woods mind. The design business started with kids in mind by Tiger Woods. He emphasized and envisioned that family-oriented clubs were found to be the real future in the coming times. The president of TGR and a close friend Bryon Bell emphasized this in front of CNN Sport.

Some early life facts to know about Woods are:

  • Woods was blessed with a baby girl named Sam in 2007, and then his son was born in 2009, and he named him Charlie. 
  • Woods was seen playing on a shorter course In Long Beach, in the 1970s and 1980s in California. 
  • As a kid he often played alongside his dad on short courses, which made him realize what a great opportunity it was for him to be introduced to golf at a tender age of three or four. He said that he thoroughly enjoyed every bit and minute of playing and witnessing golf at that age.
  • Wood’s fast forward and the first foray into the most sought after short cause design in 2019 with the Bluejack, and the championship of the reigning master and his teams were taken into account and approached by the very famous Pebble Beach par- their layout to redesign it. Bell was found reporting that they promptly replied and expressed their interest. The new look of the short course will be unveiled in spring 2021.

Bell was seen responding as they were not quite sure of how it would gel up with the public and received by them when Bell when he narrated about this with the Bluejack team. He was known to be a batchmate of Woods in high school and once known to have caddied for him in 2011. They were known to have been in love with the concept that Bluejack had envisioned, as it was a very family-oriented club. It still kept them thinking that what if it went empty and kept wondering that ‘were they really building it for kid’s sake?’ and is anyone going to play it? 

It was then confirmed that whatever they were doing was for good and the whole experience made them very comfortable. The short course concept was taken well into account, and they knew that it was a worthwhile venture with lots of interest involved. Moreover, it appeared to be a great tool to get as many people as possible to be involved in the game.

Too expensive, too long

There are many criticisms about golf that it is a sport of Elitist and is way too costly. And the knowledge that it might take a long time for around to finish. Hence with a short course, this problem was eliminated, it proved to be a better deal. Bell said it is Tiger’s wish to see more people playing the game, rather than helping people honing their ‘100-yard and in’ game. The major complaint was that golf was known to be a costly game and involved longer times, and the answer to this dilemma was a short course. 

The goal is definitely to get more people playing golf and having fun while playing the game. It was stated that there was definitely going to be a place for hard courses like the US open, but the question is how to make the game be more fun and more inviting for the players involved? From early on, that was Tiger’s goal.

Once you are in a tournament, you can speed up greens, fairways can be firmed up, and the course can be made harder. The most challenging part is to make the hard course easier. It is not his goal to change the whole industry- but there is always a place for more difficult courses.

The club memberships in the US are seen to be more expensive, as the golf course venues are seen to be starting to add on restaurants, gyms, and swimming pools, etc facilities to make people see it as more appealing to families as a whole.

Stuck Market

Across the Atlantic, the situation seems to be quite different. In Britain and Ireland, they are a long way from putting and getting the money into short courses. The market is stuck in the traditional 18-hole space, said Mr. James Edwards. He grew up enjoying golf alongside the famous world no-1 Justin Rose and Luke Donald. James Edwards was also seen playing alongside Paul Casey and Ross Fisher is known to be the Ryder Cup stars. Edwards is known to be specialized in academies, short courses and started having alternate golfing solutions while playing golf on patches of grass in Maidstone Kent, which is known to be his family home. Moreover, Edwards explains that they chose a much secure option so that they were not stuck with 200 yards range and no short courses were involved.

‘Dribbling’ it

A high-quality course could always work, but Justin Thomas America’s player of the year by PGA stated in August that the short game is still the King no matter how far you hit it. Length is not the end of all of it, it just is helpful. The main objective is to get the ball in the hole. 

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