The Main Things to Consider When Choosing a UTV


Choosing a car, motorcycle, or UTV isn’t necessarily easy, especially if you’re a first-timer who has no idea what to look for. And while there are many things to consider when choosing one, only a few aspects truly make a big difference in your buying decision.

With all of that said, let’s take a look at what those certain factors are. You’ll also need to consider the laws and regulations in your state or jurisdiction regarding UTVs and other similar vehicles. Otherwise, you’ll risk getting fined for a small detail that you might have overlooked.

Where to Get One

First and foremost, you need to get your UTV from a reliable source, such as a U.S.A.-based UTV store or a trusted reseller in your area. Otherwise, if you get it from a third party that offers it second-hand without any warranty, you might find yourself in a tough spot in case you’ll need repairs and whatnot.

Towing Capacity

Even if working is not your main goal when searching for a UTV, the towing capacity is one factor that you simply can’t ignore. When going offroad, you might stumble, let’s say, on a fallen tree, and you’ll need to tow it a little so that you can continue your journey.

In such cases, the towing capacity is sacred, so don’t ignore it. At a bare minimum, we recommend a UTV with a towing capacity of 900 pounds. Ideally, you’ll want one with a 1500-pound capacity, so you could also pull the load on uneven terrain and slow and stop the load when breaking.

Seat Space

Are you planning to ride alone with just some luggage, or are you also willing to take another person with you in the passenger seat? Think about this as much as you need before making a decision.


Think Power

Sure, the towing capacity is important, but another factor that directly contributes to running a UTV smoothly is the motor’s power. Anywhere from a 400cc to a 1000c motor should satisfy most people’s needs, with the higher number being obviously more powerful.

Do you need a diesel-powered machine to pull heavier loads and have greater torque, or do you crave the opportunity to utilize the machine for a recreational vehicle when the work is finished? Ask yourself such questions, and the right dealer will surely hook you up with a UTV model that suits your needs perfectly.

Factory Accessories and Options

The best part about UTVs is that you can customize them to your liking with all sorts of aftermarket parts. However, some people might not be willing to spend the extra cash and just get one that comes with everything they need straight out of the factory.

Otherwise, you can find all sorts of accessories for UTVs in physical stores and in online shops that are specialized in offroad vehicles.

Ground Clearance

There are many states where ground clearance laws differ. You’ll need to take this into consideration if you ever plan on making your UTV street-legal. There are many people who want to make their UTV legal for driving on the road to avoid having to tow it using a trailer.

People who already own a UTV can testify to how annoying that can get, especially if you already have a lot of trails nearby but you have to get on the road to be able to reach them. With that being said, check the ground clearance and other properties that might make or break your attempts to make said vehicle street-legal.

Final Thoughts

Of course, there will always be more and more things to think about when choosing a great UTV. However, the factors we have mentioned above in this article are by far the most important regardless of your goals, laws in your area, and other factors. Feel free to leave us a comment with your thoughts and opinions. Also, consider sharing this article with other people who might be interested in buying a new UTV.

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