Top 3 Employee Training LMS For Beginners

With remote working being adopted as the work arrangement for many corporates, there have been several challenges in regard to employee training that managers are facing. 

Employee training is essential in order to achieve business goals. If your employee is given proper training, they tend to grow and perform better on the job. However, with only virtual communication between managers and employees, it has been a difficult task to carry out training effectively. 

Keeping this issue in mind, several software companies launched a digital tool that is perfect for those training managers who are not tech-savvy and also ensure that your employees are engaging with the training that you provide. These digital tools are known as the learning management system. 

A learning management system is a cloud-based platform and is a one-stop solution to all your training related problems. This tool allows you to not only create and execute training programs but also track the performance of your employees. 

When you have the capability to track their performance at various intervals, it helps you assign a proper course of action for them that is relevant to their role in the organization. It is of utmost importance for a training program to align with the business goals of an organization in order for it to be effective. 

Hence, it is always best to explore and compare LMS before picking one for your organization. For instance, when you compare iSpring Learn with Tovuti LMS, you’ll witness the difference in their features and pricing models such as iSpring offers a free trial, unlike the latter one.  

In this article, read about the top employee training LMS that is perfect for you if you are just starting. 

Top employee training LMS for beginners 


  • iSpring Learn


iSpring Learn is a learning management system that is perhaps one of the best if you are just starting out your journey of online training. This cloud-based platform helps you make onboarding much easier and less monotonous for your employees. You can quickly introduce your employees to the culture of your organization, the processes, organizational objectives, and the product that you offer. The best thing about this software is that you can take a free trial before investing in the system. If it fits well with your organizational needs and goals, you can further subscribe to the software. 


  • Tovuti LMS


Tovuti LMS is one of the top learning management systems that allow you to offer an exceptional online training experience to your employees. This learning system offers you various templates that help in creating the courses in a much easier and quicker way. To make the transition easier, it also offers coaching support and professional services. Several features such as creating a report, tracking employee performance, allowing third-party integrations, and gamification tools are what make this software one of the top choices for many big brands. You can also create your courses and sell them online to your learners with the help of Tovuti LMS. 


  • Docebo 


With a plethora of tools and features that Docebo has to offer, it has often been tagged as one of the top LMS for all the first-timers out there who are looking to create some world-class online training. This tool is preferred by several reputable companies. Docebo allows you to make use of the various gamification tools such as badges, leaderboards, and awards, thus increasing employee accountability and engagement. The user-friendly interface of this software enables you to effortlessly organize content for certification and retraining.


Transitioning to remote working and virtual training has been challenging. You can invest in the above-mentioned LMS to make this process convenient and easy for you and your employees. 

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