What Happens if You Don’t Accept a Settlement?

After a car accident, insurance companies are forced to do the thing they hate most in all the world: pay money to their clients. The ideal world for an insurance company would be one with no accidents where everyone buys insurance anyway. A constant flow of money coming in, and no money ever going out. They try to create their ideal world every day by denying every claim they can. When they can’t, they try to force below-value settlements on their clients.

When you’re involved in a car accident, insurance companies can’t always be trusted. The claims adjuster may seem like they are your friend, but the truth is your safety, well-being, and future are not their priority. If you’re in an accident, your insurance company will likely offer you a settlement quickly in order to take advantage of the vulnerable position in which you find yourself.

Don’t accept an initial settlement offer from your insurance company without first talking to an accident lawyer. An attorney can tell you the full value of your claim and negotiate adequate compensation to cover your damages.

What Are the Things I’ll Have to Deal With After an Accident?

After an accident, your life can get hectic, especially if you suffered an injury. Your life can be turned upside down by the event, and it could take quite a while for things to get back to normal, if they ever do. Here are some of the things you may have to deal with after an accident:

  • Talk to the police
  • Get examined by paramedics and possibly go to the hospital
  • Talk to your insurance company
  • Talk to an attorney
  • Get your car repaired or buy a new car
  • Physical therapy
  • Miss work

Of course, these are some of the more mild consequences that you may face. In a major accident, you could be dealing with far worse, such as the loss of loved ones, permanent paralysis, and the inability to work. An accident can be absolutely devastating. With so much on your plate, hiring an accident lawyer can alleviate a lot of your stress.

What Are My Options if I Don’t Settle?

If you’re involved in an accident and you don’t take the initial settlement offer from your and the other driver’s insurance companies, then you have two options. You can either pursue negotiations with the insurance companies or, if you feel there’s sufficient evidence of negligence on the part of the other driver, then you can choose to sue them. Whichever approach you feel more inclined toward, it is best to have a competent accident attorney on your side.

What Will an Accident Lawyer Do for Me?

The first thing an accident lawyer will do is go over all of your options with you. After you have decided on a plan of action together, your lawyer will get to work.

Should you decide to move forward with negotiations with the insurance companies, then your lawyer will investigate your accident and take over all communication with the insurance adjusters. This will allow you to step back and focus on other things, like recovering from any injuries you sustained in the accident.

Your lawyer will work to get you the most money possible for your claim. They will let you know of any further offers made by the insurance companies, and they will also advise you on whether or not you should take the deal.

If, on the other hand, you decide to sue the driver of the other vehicle, then your lawyer will begin to build the case against the other driver. They will negotiate with the other driver’s attorney and claims adjusters and look to reach a settlement with them outside of court.

If the other driver and you are unable to come to terms on a settlement agreement, then your attorney will represent your interests in court. They may rely on expert witness testimony, accident scene reconstruction, and other evidence to prove your case against the other driver and win you fair compensation for your pain and suffering and other damages.

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