One of the best concealed carry insurance right now [2023]

Safeguard yourself with a great concealed carry insurance program

You can use your firearm for self-defense purposes in a wide array of situations. However, there is still a possibility for you to face litigation and this is where a CCW insurance comes in handy. The purpose of concealed carry insurance is to ensure that you are legally protected, as much as you are physically protected.

Finding the best CCW insurance company for yourself is crucial, as pointed out by Peak Firearms. But finding one that works the best for your needs can be really hard as there Here we will compare some of the best options on the market (as of this writing) and show you what they all have to offer.


We have put USCCA for your concealed carry insurance needs. They offer some of the best balance of training, instruction, perks, and coverage at an affordable price range. Many conceal carry insurance companies only offer the bare minimum, however, USCCA is more of membership than just your regular concealed carry insurance coverage.

USCCA is considered the leader in the concealed carry community and is really apprehensive with both physical and legal protection.

If you are just looking for the bare minimum of concealed carry coverage and nothing else, then we would suggest you to look elsewhere. However, USCCA offers a complete concealed carry membership package and community.

Some insurance companies can easily suffocate you in certain areas. For example, some companies actually coerce you into using their lawyers. However, USCCA lets you choose your own team of lawyers. There is a level of trust inside this company that comes with their education system.

There is a lot of importance in education and community, which is what is offered by the concealed carry insurance company – USCCA. Sure you can pay for another kind of insurance, however, then you wouldn’t have a big support group and tools that come with a USCCA concealed carry membership.


This is a little different from your standard and regular insurance but is a decent choice if you are just looking to be taken care of. Most concealed carry insurance companies are simple in that they write you a check for any legal expenses that you currently have while legally using a firearm in defense of individuals or property. This concealed carry insurance company is more of an expense share insurance package than an actual insurance company, which is why it is so affordable.

Most of the time, concealed carry insurance companies that offer no real limits on their coverage cost a substantial amount of money, but this is one company that is relatively affordable. Although they are going to take care of you if you are looking to go to court, the fact is that they really don’t have any other benefits out there.

This group, or whatever you want to address it, is a different choice than your traditional concealed carry insurance. However, that does not necessarily mean that it is a bad one. It is as if you are paying for a team of lawyers to be on deposit, and they will also tide over some other charges like bail bond money. There really isn’t anything much to it. They will (and can) take care of you if you want it, but their coverage isn’t as clear cut as most other choices out there.

3. CCW Safe – Legal Service Membership

CCW safe is an interesting concealed carry insurance company. They have some really awesome coverage for decent prices. They have great discounts for ex-military or ex-police persons. They also need you to have a CCW permit in order to join their program.

The value that legitimately comes with CCW safe is the fact that it also includes your spouse and children in the plan if the weapon is used legally. Not a lot of plans have that additional coverage for free, so that clause is a win.

The problem that some people find with this company is that they don’t cover you if you are defending yourself against someone whom you initially invited into your home. For example, if you have somebody meets you for a deal of an online marketplace in your home, and then you have the need to defend yourself, then you are not covered in this plan. That seems like a massive issue in that coverage.

They also have some training and other newsletter-based material that is pretty helpful, but nowhere near what some people have seen with other choices. If you are looking to save some cash and cover the whole family, then this is a good choice.

If you look at the official website for CCW safe, you will notice that they have some very precise claims to recognition. For example, if you look at the comparison section of their website, they have some very partial information when comparing their packages and services to others. They only choose companies that they know they can win over in every category and have really specific groups that are mostly outside the important questions that you should be asking about in terms of concealed carry insurance coverage. They are a good service nonetheless, however they seem to have a few ways of getting around when paying out the money.


We hope that the above-concealed carry insurance companies can give you some suggestions for the best ones that are currently in the market. Take your time in looking for the best one that best fits your needs.

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